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Ready for better sleep? Sleep quality is vital to our health and energy levels. Jump in and discover the latest innovations in sleep technology—the gadgets you need for your best rest yet.

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Discover devices for sleep quality and relaxation

In the sleep sector, Sleep.8 is an innovator: finding, developing and providing solutions which are backed by science (and our own experience – we love testing). We bet we’ve got something that can make a difference to your sleep quality…

Customers often come to us with sleeping problems or tension caused by sedentary work or computer use. That’s why we have developed a range of gadgets which help to soothe muscles and get you back to a good night’s sleep.

How does a sedentary lifestyle affect sleep quality?

Disturbed sleep has been linked to health problems including diabetes, hypertension and depression*. Research has also shown that sleep quality is affected by the amount of time we spend sitting still – but unfortunately, for many of us, that time is required by our jobs. 

It’s important to know that replacing some of that sedentary time with light to moderate exercise will almost certainly improve your sleep quality. 

But you can also reduce muscle tension in other ways – which is why we recommend one of our powerful massagers. They’re ideal for people whose lifestyle is affecting their comfort at night. 

Try the Power Neck Massager to reduce tension around your neck and shoulders for a more comfortable night’s sleep. 

What’s the best device for tension headaches?

The Sleep.8 Power Eye Massager, with warming function, is an in-store favourite with everyone who tries it!  

Our exclusive Power Eye Massager is a gentle device which warms and relaxes the muscles around the eyes.

Find that screen-time gives you headaches?  The Eye Massager has been well-reviewed by customers who suffer from tension headaches (the type which can be caused by long days of computer or phone use). 

“One of the best purchases we have made, I suffer with tension headaches on a regular basis and it's been fantastic. It completing relaxes me and soothes the eye area.” – Rebecca

Do you have any solutions for insomnia?

Our Sleep.8 massagers are ideal for relaxing your muscles and preparing you to sleep comfortably. But what if you’re awake during the night?

If you’re finding it difficult to get to sleep or you wake up in the early hours, try the Sleep.8 DoDow Lamp. It’s a tailored solution to help you to regulate your breathing and fall asleep naturally. 

And if snoring (yours or a partner’s) is causing sleepless nights, try the Sleep.8 Smart Anti-Snore Pad, designed to respond to your breathing and keep your head at the optimum angle for clear airways.

Where can I try Sleep.8 sleep devices?

We’d be delighted to welcome you to test out our tech!  

Try out our exclusive sleep devices in person at one of our London stores – use the Store Locator to find your nearest.