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Power Back Massager

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Experience deep relaxation of the back, shoulder and neck muscles thanks to the versatile S8 Power Back massager. 

With multi-directional rollers and adjustable intensity, the S8 Power Back is ideal for relieving stress after a long day of work or after extended periods of driving. Target specific areas and pressure points to stimulate blood flow and loosen tight muscles.

    Product Features

    Type: Back massager, Neck massager

    Color: Brown

    Impact zone: neck, back, lower back

    Purpose: home massage device

    Modes: delicate, warming

    Number of massage speeds: 3

    Power capacity: 12 W

    Weight (kg): 2.1

    Nominal voltage: 5V DC

    Number of modes: 2 (rotation, rotation + heating)

    Battery type: Lithium battery – 2000 mAh

    Size: 33x22x11

    Functions: rotating rollers and heating massage


    Before using, please consult a doctor if:

    • you suffer from heart diseases or high blood pressure
    • you suffer from infectious diseases
    • you suffer from a cancer
    • you have a diagnosis of schizophrenia
    • you have an open wound, cut, redness, infections, burn or bruise on the skin
    • you are pregnant, in the period of menstruation and incessant fever
    • you have a sensitive skin, angiectasia or were hospitalized
    • you had a neck surgery
    • your joints and muscles can be described as slow to warm up

    1. Do not use the Massager when driving a car.
    2. Do not disassemble the device yourself. If necessary, contact the service center.
    3. Do not use, charge or store the device in hot or humid environment or in direct sunlight in order to avoid failure and malfunction.
    4. Do not allow children and disabled people to use the device unattended.
    5. Do not leave the massager under water or in rooms that provoke corrosion.
    6. In case of malfunction stop using the device immediately.
    7. Do not drop or hit the device.
    8. Do not put heavy objects on the massager.
    9. The massager is not a replacement for treatment or doctor's recommendations.
    10. The massager shall not be used for diagnosis, treatment or for commercial purposes.
    11. Do not use the massager during charging.
    12. Do not use the Massager at the same time as other gadgets with a heating function, heat function, such as an electric blanket.
    13. The Massager is not a substitute for medical treatment or medical advice. In case of questions, consult your physician.
    14. The massager may not be used for diagnosis, treatment or other commercial purposes. other commercial purposes.
    Power Back Massager
    Power Back Massager
    Power Back Massager
    Power Back Massager
    Power Back Massager
    Power Back Massager
    Power Back Massager
    Power Back Massager
    Power Back Massager

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    Experience deep relaxation.

    • Perfect for back, shoulder and neck muscles
    • Multi-directional rollers
    • Adjustable intensity
    • Target specific areas and pressure points
    • Stimulates blood flow
    • Warming function