Adjustable Bed Frames - Electric Ergomotion Bed Bases

Discover the ultimate in personalized comfort with Sleep.8's adjustable bed bases, expertly designed to adjust your head and feet positioning and find your perfect sleeping or resting angle.

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Choosing an Adjustable Bed

Your sleep quality has a major impact on your body and mind, so you should consider your bed and mattress to be investments in your health. Here are top 5 health benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed:

  1. Reduces Snoring - Adjustable beds can greatly reduce your snoring because they allow you to elevate the head of the bed. When you sleep in a slightly elevated position, gravity doesn’t pull the tissue in your mouth down directly over your throat.
  2. Alleviates Back Pain - Chronic back pain can be a nightmare to live with. Although you’re sedentary while you sleep, you might experience aches and pains throughout your waking hours due to your sleeping position or the quality of your mattress. With an electric bed, you adjust as needed so as to eliminate this discomfort overtime.
  3. Improves Circulation - An adjustable bed lets you change the position of your mattress so that you sleep in the best possible orientation for blood flow. For some people, this means sleeping with slightly elevated legs to promote blood flow to the upper body. For others, this means sleeping with an elevated head to regulate blood pressure.
  4. Relieves Restless Legs Syndrome - Restless legs syndrome is usually treated with a variety of lifestyle changes, and investing in an adjustable bed may be a piece of the puzzle. Because adjustable beds are so helpful for circulation, they may help to ease some of the discomfort that makes you unable to keep still.
  5. Boosts Sleep Quality - Even if you don’t struggle with a specific ailment, an adjustable bed can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep. It helps you achieve the healthiest and most comfortable sleeping position so that you can get deep sleep every single night.

Common Questions About Adjustable Bed Bases

What is zero gravity?

What we call the “zero gravity” feature in an adjustable bed means your body is in a neutral sleeping position. With your legs raised and head tilted up, it supports your heart, spine, and nervous system which makes it easy for you to fall asleep.

Is there a max weight?

Most adjustable beds on the market will have a weight limit of about 300 kg including weight of mattress. But this is to be checked case by case in order to be sure which model fits your needs.

Are they noisy?

From cheap to high-end adjustable beds, some may offer silent mode while others won’t. At Sleep.8, our adjustable beds are silent to operate.

Can you have storage underneath?

With so many different features & models on the market, you will be able to find some adjustable beds with storage underneath. There might be less space than ottoman beds in order to accommodate the mechanism under the bed.

Is it easy to set up? (+ Power)

Depending on the manufacturer and/or reseller, you will have to consider the build of your bed. At Sleep.8, we offer at-home assembly service for your convenience. What an electric bed needs to operate is a plug to the mains.

What about maintenance?

Do take extra care to not overload your electric bed so as to preserve the mechanism and good functioning for longer.

Will all mattresses work with an adjustable base?

Buying an adjustable bed doesn’t guarantee that all mattresses will fit. More often than not, adjustable beds have their own requirements when it comes to mattresses. For example, you’ll need a mattress that is “flexible” enough to move with the mechanism, or not too heavy so it doesn’t exceed the maximum weight.

At Sleep.8, we have the right mattresses for our electric beds (except for GW Heaven De Luxe and GW Magnificent mattresses).