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S8 Smart Jet EU

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Welcome to a new class of relaxation. With multiple intelligent massage functions working in parallel, including the deeply stimulating effect of 3D massage, this luxurious chair is designed to mimic the experience of having a professional at-home masseuse. 

The stimulating warm-up function works to relax and prepare you for a more intense massage, stimulating blood flow and gradually increasing the compressions and decompressions of massage pillows to target specific areas of the body as desired. With a suite of six functions and nine massage programmes, adjustable in speed and intensity, the Smart Jet EU is truly an investment in yourself and your wellbeing.

    Product Features

    Type: Massage Chair

    Impact zones: neck, back, lower back, body

    Purpose: home massage device

    Modes: 3D massage, Zero-G, Gua Sha foot massage

    Features: Release of muscle and emotional tension, fatigue and painful sensations, relaxation and body rejuvenation

    Massage L-carriage length: extended - 125 cm

    Number of massage cushions: 50

    Additional functions: Music playback, back heating, knee heating, adjustable rollers, USB port, protection against overheating and short circuit

    Number of automatic programmes: 9

    Number of massage techniques: 6

    Massage techniques: Kneading, knocking, synchronised, tapping, Shiatsu, rhythmical

    The number of massage speeds: 6

    The number of massage strength adjustment: 5

    The number of rollers: 4

    Operation: Remote control, Smartphone controlled

    Power capacity: 160 W

    Weight (kg): 131

    Noise level: 52 dB

    User weight (max): 120 kg

    User height: 1.55m - 2.0m

    S8 Smart Jet EU
    S8 Smart Jet EU
    S8 Smart Jet EU
    S8 Smart Jet EU
    S8 Smart Jet EU
    S8 Smart Jet EU
    S8 Smart Jet EU
    S8 Smart Jet EU
    S8 Smart Jet EU
    S8 Smart Jet EU
    S8 Smart Jet EU
    S8 Smart Jet EU

    Invest in your relaxation for good sleep.

    • Multiple intelligent massage functions
    • Includes 6 functions and 9 massage programmes
    • Adjustable speed and intensity
    • 3D massage function for deep stimulation
    • Designed to mimic professional massage
    • Stimulating warm-up function
    • Targets specific areas as desired
    • Stimulates blood flow