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Isn’t it time for a better sofa bed? Forget creaky, old sofas that reluctantly fold out into flat, poky beds.  Welcome to the sofa bed that you’ll want to jump onto, nestle into, and spill Sunday croissant crumbs all over. 

At the heart of every Sleep.8 sofa bed is a brilliant mattress—and that means better sleep for anyone with the luck to stay at yours. With options for soft or medium-firm mattresses, you don't have to compromise on sleek design for the comfort of a premium mattress.

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8 products

“My sofa bed is amazing, comfortable when extended, looks nice in the living room”

Olga T.

“The sofa bed itself is pure quality. It’s super comfortable and overall looks beautiful!”


“The most comfy comfortable sofa bed”


“A sofa bed that ticked all our boxes”


How to find YOUR perfect Sofa Bed

You’ve slept on a few poky sofa beds over the years, and you know it’s time to get serious.
But… how do you find the right sofa bed online? Well, start by asking the hard questions:

Sofa Bed Commonly Asked Questions

Do you prefer a firm, medium, or soft mattress?

The real test of a sofa bed happens at bedtime. How’s it feel?  The mattress is the core of a comfy sofa bed, and it’s not a one-kind-fits-all situation. 

Look for a sofa bed with mattress options. For older people and larger builds, a medium or firm mattress is usually best (it’s more supportive) while a soft mattress has a real feeling of luxury. 

Now’s not the time to skimp on budget. If you want your guests to sleep well, it’s well worth investing in a sofa bed from a reputable manufacturer—especially if they’re known as sleep quality experts (oh, hi!).

Will it be comfy as a sofa and a bed?

That’s where the principles of “ergonomic design” come in useful. A well-designed sofa bed provides an inviting space for sitting and a proper mattress to keep you in a healthy sleeping position. 

Memory foam is great for this—it shifts shape to mould around the body, so it’s comfy for a range of different sleepers.

Can you customise the colour or fabric?

Yearning for a sunflower-yellow sofa bed? The heart wants what it wants. Customise your sofa bed by choosing your favourite fabric, and it will blend with your living space. 

Tip: It’s worth checking whether your fabric covers can be removed or spot-cleaned… in case of coffee spillages by You-Know-Who.

Do you need extra space to open the sofa bed?

Sofa beds are, of course, brilliant solutions for studio apartments and guest rooms. It’s worth knowing that some sofa beds require extra space at the back when they’re opened. So, if you have limited space, scrutinise the measurements of the sofa bed - open and closed. Look out for models which offer extra storage. 

Did you know? Our Pantograph mechanism is smooth and space-saving, for a seamless transition from sofa to bed (no extra flex room required).

How should you choose a style?

Style is extremely personal, and that’s its beauty! When making an investment like a sofa bed, it’s sensible to choose a design that will last for several years. But don’t play it too safe. After all, it’s your happy place.

Sleep.8 sofa beds feature simple design lines with Scandi-inspired features (like back buttons). They’re classic pieces that you can dress up with cushions and throws (which we think is half the fun of buying a new sofa). Looking for a corner sofa bed? We have those too.

What makes Sleep.8 sofa beds unique in terms of comfort and design?

Sleep.8 sofa beds are built around premium mattresses. Just like a regular bed, comfort is subjective. So you can choose a soft or medium-firm mattress for your sofa bed. Design-wise, our sofa beds are based on elegant contemporary style, with classic features like button-back panels and gently rounded corner edges.

How do I choose between a soft and a medium-firm mattress for my sofa bed?

Choosing between a soft and medium-firm mattress depends on your personal comfort preference and sleeping habits. 

Soft provides plush comfort and Medium-firm offers more support (which can be helpful if you have mobility issues, joint or back pain). 

Can Sleep.8 sofa beds be customized to fit my home decor?

Yes.. Sleep.8 sofa beds can be customised - choose your upholstery fabrics and colour to match your home decor and personal style.

What are the space-saving benefits of choosing a Sleep.8 sofa bed?

Sleep.8 sofa beds are designed to save space. They’re equipped with easy transformation mechanisms and they don’t need to be pulled away from the wall for transformation. This makes them ideal for small apartments, guest rooms, or any area where space is valuable.

How do I care for and maintain my sofa bed to ensure its longevity?

To maintain your sofa bed, regularly clean the upholstery according to the fabric care instructions, avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading, and rotate the mattress periodically to ensure even wear.

Where can I see one in the UK?

We’d love to welcome you at one of our showrooms where you can see (and sit on) your favourite Sleep.8 sofa bed!  Here's where you can find us:

Bluewater Shopping Centre: Bluewater Parkway, Dartford

Chelsea: Kings Road, London

Lakeside Retail Park: West Thurrock Way, Grays

Stratford: Westfield Stratford City, London

Don’t forget to ask us if you have any questions including help with credit and financing options, deliveries, or styling. 

Get the address for your nearest store on our Store Locator page.