King Size Bed vs Double Bed: Choosing the Right Size for Your Space

King Size Bed vs Double Bed: Choosing the Right Size for Your Space

There is countless research that suggests getting high-quality sleep is just as vital to your health as eating a well-balanced diet and regular exercise!

Factors such as the size of your bed can affect your quality of sleep and have a major impact on both your mental and physical health. 

Are you looking for the perfect bed size and can’t decide between a King or Double bed?

This post will teach you everything you need to know about king-size beds vs double beds by exploring the following: 

  • An overview of king-size beds and double-size beds 
  • Considerations when choosing a bed size
  • King-size bed benefits
  • Double-size bed benefits
  • Tips to maximise space in small rooms
  • How to find the right bed size

Let’s get into it!

Size Matters: King vs Double Beds

Many people are often confused between double-size beds and king-size beds and which one to ultimately purchase. 

Before diving into their distinct advantages, let’s take a look at their dimensions and space requirements: 

King-Size Bed

King-size is one of the most popular bed sizes in Europe because it allows two people to sleep comfortably. The minimum room size for these beds should be at least 115 sq. ft. 

UK king-size beds measure 150 cm x 200 cm, while European king-size beds are slightly wider at 160cm x 200cm. 

Bedrooms with a measurement of (W) 310 cm x (L) 345 cm are the most ideal to accommodate king-size beds.

Double Bed

135cm x 190cm is the standard UK double bed measurement. It can fit rooms that are at least 105 sq. ft. 

European double-size beds are somewhat roomier and longer because they typically measure around 140cm x 200cm. 

Bedrooms with a measurement of (W) 295 cm x (L) 335 cm are the most suitable for accommodating double-size beds.

Space-Saving Solutions: Choosing the Right Bed Size

Having the perfect bed size is not just essential for a good night’s sleep, but also crucial for making the most out of the space in your bedroom! 

When shopping for a new bed, remember to keep these important factors in mind to find the right size: 

Room Dimensions

Measuring your room will help you determine how much space you have for a bed. 

A bed needs to ideally be proportional to the size of your room because a large bed will make a small room feel even smaller, while a small bed will look awkward in a large space. 

Lifestyle and Sleeping Habits

Apart from the number of sleepers, your sleeping habits play a significant role in selecting the right bed size. 

Individuals or couples who need more space to move or stretch will naturally require a bigger bed! 

Long-Term Flexibility 

Your bed is a major investment that should last you for several years to come. 

Assess the course of your near future and if the bed size can adapt to your plans. For instance, if your family is likely to grow in number, you may want to opt for a bed size that can fit children as well.


Both the mattress and bed size will have a huge impact on your overall cost. 

Not only that, but you’ll also need accessories such as sheets and blankets that will ultimately add to the total!

Determining your budget range will help you decide on the best bed size option for you.

Comfort and Luxury: Benefits of a King-Size Bed

A king-size bed can suit a multitude of lifestyles and help you relax completely:

  • More space for sleeping- Having enough room to shift about in your bed is crucial. A king-size bed is a good choice if you find it difficult to shift positions throughout the night

  • Ideal for couples - For couples that need more room to move around comfortably, a king-size bed can help you and your partner to get cosy while still allowing you to have your own space

  • Enhanced comfort - King-size beds offer excellent support so that you can fall asleep more easily – alleviating many of the causes of insomnia 

  • Reduces sleep disruptions - Those who suffer from back pain or joint issues can sometimes have trouble maintaining a firm posture while sleeping. 

  • King-size beds are popular amongst these individuals since they allow plenty of freedom of movement. 

  • Room for additional pillows or accessories - King-size beds have more than enough room for you to add extra pillows or other accessories that will make your bedroom feel like home! 

  • Luxurious and spacious feel - If you are looking to add a luxurious feel, king-size beds have a dramatic flair that can complement almost any bedroom (as long as the dimensions match!)

  • Suitable for taller individuals - With a king-size bed, taller people no longer have to worry or deal with their feet sticking out of the mattress! 

  • Versatile for various bedroom layouts - A king-size bed functions as a focal point and instantly enhances the look of your room, regardless of its layout. 

  • Great for families with children or pets - Even the youngest children can take up a lot of bed space! 

  • King-size beds are an incredible option for the additional space needed to give everyone a good night’s rest. 

    Cosy and Compact: Advantages of a Double Bed

    Double beds can free up your floor area for movement and serve as a smart investment depending on your use: 

  • Space-saving in smaller rooms - Double beds are especially helpful for smaller rooms because they can give two people a cosy place to sleep without taking up too much space in the bedroom
  • Economical choice - When it comes to balancing size and affordability, double beds are a comfortable sleeping solution without the higher costs typically associated with larger beds! 
  • Cosy and intimate feel - If you and your partner are looking for a sense of closeness while sleeping, double-size beds create a warm and welcoming environment by promoting intimate physical proximity 
  • Ideal for single sleepers or couples who prefer close quarters - The modest size of a double bed is the perfect fit and gives plenty of furniture arrangement options to individuals who prefer close quarters 
  • Easy to move and transport - Not only is replacing sheets more hassle-free with a double bed but moving it for cleaning is easier and more practical as well! 
  • Fits well in guest rooms or studios - Due to its adaptability, a double-size bed is great for hosts who wish to provide an inviting atmosphere for their visitors
  • Affordable bedding options - For those on a tight budget, going with a double bed for your sleeping setups is a highly cost-effective option
  • Suitable for young adults or students - Double beds are also an excellent choice for students or young adults because upkeep is generally easier than larger bed sizes
  • Can serve as a daybed or sofa in multi-purpose spaces - There is a wide array of designs and styles for double-size beds that make it a versatile option for both aesthetic and functional purposes. 
  • Design Tips for Small Rooms

    Whether you choose to invest in a king-size bed or double bed, planning the layout of your room will ensure that each fixture or piece of furniture is a proper fit. 

    So, what should you do if your bedroom is on the smaller side? 

    Designing small spaces sometimes feels like a puzzle that you just can’t solve, especially when you want to fit in as much as possible without making the room appear cramped! 

    To help expand your design ideas, here are some of the most effective strategies for decorating small rooms: 

    • Utilise under-bed storage
    • Opt for space-saving shelving
    • Use sliding or pocket doors
    • Keep the room clutter-free
    • Invest in adjustable furniture
    • Maximise natural light
    • Use curtains to create the illusion of space
    • Incorporate built-in storage solutions.

    Finding the Perfect Fit: Bed Size Guide, Which Is Best For You?

    Choosing the right mattress size for you will ultimately come down to comfort and fit. Let’s dive into the steps involved in determining the ideal bed size for your bedroom: 

  • Step 1: Measure the dimensions of your bedroom and consider the layout

  • Step 2: Consider your personal sleeping preferences

  • Step 3: Familiarise yourself with the standard bed sizes

  • Step 4: Allow for additional space and the functionality of your bedroom

  • Step 5: Allocate a specific budget to your bed.

  • The standard bed sizes available in the UK are as follows: 

    Bed Size



    135 cm x 190 cm


    150 cm x 200 cm


    180 cm x 200 cm


    Deciding to buy a new bed can be exciting because of the impact it has on your sleep quality and comfort!

    However, choosing between king-size beds and double beds can be a confusing process. 

    When purchasing the ideal bed size, your top choice needs to be based on your room size, bedroom layout, and sleeping preferences. 

    Keeping all of these factors in mind will ensure that you have a relaxed space for enjoying a great night’s sleep!  Need help choosing?  Stop into a Sleep.8 store near you.