What is a Hybrid Mattress? Combining Support and Comfort

What is a Hybrid Mattress? Combining Support and Comfort

Hybrid mattresses are all the craze recently – and for good reason!

If you’re thinking of investing in a new mattress, a hybrid mattress may be the answer to better sleep. 

But what exactly is a hybrid mattress, and is it right for you? 

In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of hybrid mattresses, including: 

  • Types of hybrid mattresses and what materials they use 
  • What is better out of memory foam and hybrid mattresses
  • The benefits of hybrid mattresses
  • Who hybrid mattresses are best for 
  • How to choose the right mattress.

Let's get into it!

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

Mattresses usually come in two forms: either with coils and springs or constructed of foam. 

A hybrid mattress takes components from both the traditional innerspring mattresses and memory foam or latex mattresses to create a supportive, comfortable mattress. 

This makes them a popular option amongst a wide range of sleepers, particularly couples who take on different positions while sleeping. 

A hybrid mattress is usually made with a supportive coil-based foundation. There are several layers of foam or latex on top, which help with comfort and pressure relief. 

Hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of each mattress type, offering the support of springs without sacrificing the comfort that comes with foam or latex! 

The result of this is ultimately a mattress that provides excellent support while minimising motion transfer and maximising comfort. 

Types of Hybrid Mattresses

There are many materials that can be used in hybrid mattresses. Each of these materials serves different purposes and may be more suited for certain sleepers. 

Common types of hybrid mattresses include: 

  • Memory foam and innerspring: Memory foam is known for the contouring support it can offer, while the inner spring helps with bounce and support. 

Together, these help to provide both pressure relief and motion isolation with some added support

    • Latex and innerspring: Latex is best known for giving mattresses a supportive feel while being highly durable. The innerspring coils help to provide support and good airflow
  • Gel memory foam and innerspring: Gel memory foam differs from traditional memory foam as it helps the mattress stay cool, making it a great option for hot sleepers! Meanwhile, the innerspring helps with support and bounce
  • Pocketed coil and memory foam: Pocketed coils help to add more targeted support and are great for motion isolation.
  • This is particularly useful for couples if one person tends to toss and turn. At the same time, the memory foam helps to soften the mattress’ feel

  • Innerspring and natural fibre: While innerspring mattresses help to provide support, the natural fibres provide an eco-friendly way to add breathability to your mattress. Some natural fibres such as wool can also act as fire retardants
  • Latex and memory foam: Latex adds natural buoyancy to the mattress and helps with temperature regulation. The memory foam helps to add comfort to the mattress, which is great for pressure relief
  • Coil-on-coil hybrid: A coil-on-coil hybrid mattress is made with two layers of coils. 
  • This helps to increase the support and durability of the mattress, as well as increases airflow. It is a great option for people who require additional support

  • Pillow top hybrid: The pillow top hybrid is specifically designed for people who love to get into a plush bed at the end of the day! The extra layer of cushioning on the top adds even more softness and pressure relief
  • Innerspring and polyurethane foam: Polyurethane foam is a common foam used in mattresses that is well-known for its comfort and affordability. Meanwhile, the innerspring component helps to increase support! 
  • Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattresses: Which Is Better?

    It’s difficult to say for sure which mattress type is better. Oftentimes, it will depend on what kind of sleeper you are and the specific needs you may have. 

    While memory foam is a great way to add comfort and pressure relief, there are some downsides to mattresses which are only made with memory foam. 

    Mattresses that are only made with memory foam tend to retain heat, making them less popular amongst people who tend to sleep warm. 

    They also have a slow response time, which means that it can be difficult to move around if you tend to toss and turn.

    Mattresses that are made of both memory foam and springs (such as an innerspring coil) allow you to enjoy the comfort of memory foam without as many of the downsides. 

    The springs help to dissipate the heat and also help to add bounce and support, which can be lacking with memory foam-only mattresses. 

    The Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses

    There are numerous benefits of hybrid mattresses, courtesy of the fact that mattresses combine the best parts of all-foam and all-coil mattresses. 

    These benefits include: 

  • Supportive and comfortable: Hybrid mattresses provide support thanks to the coils, as well as comfort stemming from the foam or latex components 
  • Combines different materials: By using a variety of materials, you will receive benefits from each material. This also helps to make sure one component does not prematurely wear out. 
  • Enhanced motion isolation: The combination of multiple materials, including both coils and movement-enhancing foams, helps to reduce movement in the bed – making it ideal for couples
  • Good for hot sleepers: The coil component of hybrid mattresses helps to effectively dissipate heat. Specific foams (such as gel memory foams) help to reduce heat even further! 
  • Durability and longevity: Hybrid mattresses typically last longer than foam-only mattresses. The coils in the mattress help to boost structural support for extended periods
  • Versatile for various sleep styles: Hybrid mattresses cater to mixed sleepers and couples, both of which require comfort and support. 
  • They are soft enough for side sleepers and supportive enough for back and front sleepers

  • Balanced firmness options: Hybrid mattresses come in several firmness options, catering to your preferences 
  • Pressure point relief: Because of the use of foam, hybrid mattresses can help relieve pressure from sensitive points without taking away the support often required.

  • Who Should Consider a Hybrid Mattress?

    Hybrid mattresses are a great option for many people, such as: 

    • Combination sleepers: Hybrid mattresses are an excellent option for people who have multiple sleeping positions in the night, as they provide both support and comfort for different sleeping positions
    • Couples: Hybrid mattresses are a great way to add some more compromise in the bedroom!

    Couples rarely have the same sleeping habits, and hybrid mattresses help navigate these different sleeping positions and help both partners stay comfortable throughout the night. 

    They are typically better at traditional innerspring mattresses at isolating motion, helping the other person stay asleep during the night

    • Hot sleepers: The coil base of hybrid mattresses allows for better airflow when compared to mattresses which are only made of foam!
    • People suffering from back pain: Hybrid mattresses are popular options for people who suffer from back pain as they can provide support and pressure relief at the same time. 

    How To Choose The Right Hybrid Mattress

    It can be difficult to know which mattress to choose, especially given the fact there are many options out there to select from!

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to choosing the right hybrid mattress: 

    1. Identify your sleeping habits: Being aware of whether you predominantly sleep on your side or back (or get overly hot or cold during the night) is the best place to start when considering buying any mattress! 
    1. Choose the right material for your needs: Hybrid mattresses are built with different materials that suit different types of sleepers! 

    For example, gel memory foam is best for hot sleepers while pillow-top hybrids are best for people who like plush mattresses.

    1. Look at motion isolation: If you’re buying a bed for you and a loved one, it can be best to purchase a hybrid mattress that has multiple foam layers and coils that help minimise movements in the night when your partner tosses and turns 
    1. Check edge support: If you find yourself sleeping on the edge of the bed, you should consider edge support! 

    Good edge support means that the mattress won’t sag at the edges. This can easily be tested by sitting at the edge of the bed and seeing if the bed sinks

    1. Look at reviews: Reviews are one of the most helpful tools when buying anything – and mattresses are no exception! 

    For example, Trustpilot is an excellent website that allows people to leave honest reviews on mattresses. Look for comfort, durability, and customer service in the reviews. 


    Hybrid mattresses are a great investment to make for people who are looking for the benefits of both spring and foam mattresses

    They tend to last longer than foam-only mattresses while offering better support thanks to the addition of springs.

    Whatever you decide to go with, it’s important to know what kind of sleeper you are before shopping for a new mattress so that you can choose the very best bed for the perfect night’s slumber!  Visit a Sleep.8 store for help choosing your next mattress.