Should you invest in a cooling pillow?

Should you invest in a cooling pillow?

There’s nothing better than waking up in the night, and while still half asleep, turning over your pillow to enjoy the cool side and falling straight back to sleep.

If you suffer from night sweats or are just an incredibly warm person, you’ve probably considered going as far as shoving your pillow into the freezer to keep cool. But there’s a far easier way to combat this.

Whether you’re looking for a cooling pillow to help fight night sweats or simply interested in finding the best night’s sleep, read on to discover why you should consider a cooling pillow.


The benefits of cooling pillows

Have you ever noticed your face feels, and even looks puffier first thing in the mornings? Cooling pillows are designed to not just help your body cool down, but to gently massage the facial muscles against them too, reducing puffiness in the process. This means you can wake up looking visibly less tired, and instead show you really did get your beauty sleep!

With a cooling gel pillow, you don’t just experience a cooling sensation, but also receive proper support for your head and neck. This is achieved by the gel layer on the pillows, which gives the effect of a soft and delicate micro-massage that gently relaxes your facial muscles as you unwind.

Do cooling pillows really work?

Short answer, yes! If you’re a warm sleeper, you will quickly notice the difference. By gently cooling your face, head and neck, the pillows allow your body to cool quicker – even more so when they feature a gel layer, such as in the Sleep.8 range.

Offering a little more support than conventional pillows, cooling gel pillows are also often hypoallergenic and lightweight.

How long do cooling pillows last?

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this. Your pillow’s lifespan can depend on several factors, such as: the brand you choose; how often you clean it; how often you use it, and to what extent.

By regularly washing and re-fluffing your pillow you can extend its life. However, it’s important to look out for any signs it's time to upgrade. These pointers can include: neck, shoulder or head pain; lumps in the pillow; unexplainable skin breakouts,or the pillow looks extremely flat.

On average, as with most pillows, you can expect up to 36 months of use out of them if you keep them clean and plumped. 

Can cool pillows help fight night sweats?

For many of us, night sweats are a common occurrence. And until recently, it felt like there was nothing you could do-you just had to try to cool down and get back to sleep. But now cooling gel pillows are here to help.

By drawing any excess heat away from you, cooling gel pillows can help remove heat quicker than traditional pillows can. It’s not only midnight wakeups they can help alleviate, either. Many believe that cooling gel pillows help you fall asleep faster than traditional pillows because of the constant cool contact your skin has against the gel.

So, whether you’re waking up in the night or struggling to sleep in the first place, consider opting for cooling pillows for night sweats.

Our Sleep.8 cooling pillow recommendations

As experts in all things sleep, we developed our cooling pillows to not just help you relax, but also provide specific head and neck support. The layer of cooling gel is designed to absorb any excess body heat almost instantly, leaving you feeling cooler and more relaxed.

S8 Ecogel Pillow Ergonomic Pink. Price: £49.00

Perfect for side and back sleepers, this ergonomic cooling pillow is designed with one side of Ecogel, and the reverse side memory foam. This makes it a popular, and extremely comfortable cooling pillow of choice. The surface of pink bubbles creates the effect of a delicate micro-massage, improving blood circulation.

Whether you suffer from night sweats or not, it’s extremely important to keep your pillows clean, which is why this Ecogel design features a removable and washable microfibre cover. For those who are looking for pillows to combat night sweats, this washable design alongside the cooling gel makes it an easy decision!

S8 Ecogel Pillow Classic Blue. Price: £49.00

Made of hypoallergenic materials, this pillow is also great for back and side sleepers. But whatever position you rest in, there’s no need to adapt it for this pillow – it’ll do the job for you! The pillow’s innovative elastic foam with ‘shape memory’ allows it to mould to the shape of your body, however you choose to lie on it.

This pillow features exclusive blue waves on one side, there to gently relax your facial muscles as you rest. This is especially useful for those of us who suffer from puffy faces in the mornings!

Discovering a good night’s sleep

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep – and the amount of rest you’re getting can directly affect your mind and body, so don’t let something as easy to change, such as your choice in pillows, affect your sleep!

Whether you’re a sufferer of night sweats or simply looking to discover that perfect night’s sleep, cooling gel pillows certainly shouldn’t be overlooked as the pillow of choice for getting the rest you need. As experts in all things relaxation, all Sleep.8 products are designed with rest in mind – browse our website or speak to our team for more information.