Complete Guide to Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

Complete Guide to Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

The sleep after a long, long day. The sleep knowing you’ve completed your to-do list and you have the whole day to yourself. The sleep on a much-welcomed night away from the children. Don't just look forward to these nights every once and a while, make every night the sleep of your dreams.

Sleep affects far more than just how tired you feel. Consistent poor sleep can affect your appetite, cardiovascular health and immune system. To help you ensure you’re getting the best night’s rest possible, we’re answering your FAQs regarding all things mattresses.

What is a memory foam mattress?

Combining different layers of foam with or without springs, a memory foam mattress uses your body’s heat and pressure to create a ‘mould’, giving your body maximum support in all the right places. Over time, the foam will “remember” your body’s shape, sleeping positions and support levels, so every night’s rest can feel as great as the first.

It’s not just your night’s sleep that can benefit from choosing memory foam – in fact, it was originally engineered by NASA to support the extreme pressure that pilots and astronauts went through to offer comfort that’s (quite literally) out of this world.

How long will my memory foam mattress last?

When you're sleeping on the same mattress night after night, you want to be sure it’s going to keep both its shape and comfort.

The common lifespan of a memory foam mattress is around 5-8 years, depending on its quality and your care. Your mattress is supposed to help you rest and recover, so as soon as you notice any signs of this not being the case, it may be worth looking into a replacement.

At Sleep.8, we take pride in ensuring every product of ours is built to last. Our Tech Mattress is tested under a 150kg roller, passing 50,000 rolling cycles in the lab (equivalent to 30 years of use!) to ensure it can withstand any body pressure and tests of time.

 Do memory foam mattresses have weight limits?

A weight limit may be determined based on the density of the foam of the mattress you choose. If you need assistance in deciding on your new mattress, speak to our customer service team of experts who will be happy to advise.

If you want to feel the most supported, why not consider our Tech Firm mattress? With no weight limit, you can benefit from all the lightness of an innovative foam mattress combined with firm support.

How often should I turn my mattress over?

It’s commonly recommended you turn your memory foam mattress once or twice a year. By flipping your mattress, you are constantly changing the areas where your body is putting pressure, reducing the wear and tear.

Turning your mattress will become a thing of the past, however. Our products are built with convenience in mind, with Turn-Free technology allowing you to sleep on one side of the Tech Mattress without any side effects for as long as you own it.

Do memory foam mattresses smell?


If you’ve owned a memory foam mattress before, you may have noticed within the first few days it emits a chemical odour. Although this process (called “off-gassing”) is completely normal, you may want to wait before you begin sleeping on your new mattress.

However, at Sleep8, we’ve removed the chemical smell you get when you first use your mattress, so you can enjoy a blissful night’s sleep from the delivery day onwards, without the worry of unpleasant odours.

 Can bed bugs live in memory foam mattresses?

 For those of you concerned about bed bugs, a memory foam mattress might just be your perfect pick.

Thanks to the high density of the foam, it can become harder for bedbugs to live. To prevent them from ever finding a permanent home in your memory foam mattress, it’s recommended you go the extra mile to seal your mattress with a zipped cover. Regular cleaning will also help prevent any issues before they arise.

To give you peace of mind, our Tech range comes with its own removable cover, perfect for zipping on and off. You won’t just feel protected from bedbugs, but also spills and stains.

 Do memory foam mattresses make you feel hot?

 There’s nothing worse than lying in bed on a summer’s night, sweaty and unable to sleep. Luckily, foam mattresses are developed to combat this. With modern, hybrid, and gel foam mattresses, heat is distributed so you can say goodbye to disturbed rest and hello to a cooling foam layer to keep even the warmest of sleepers feeling their cool.

We also recommend pairing your choice in bedding to your mattress choices. If you’re concerned about overheating at night, why not consider a thinner duvet paired with a Tech Mattress? This is a great combination to keep all sizes of beds (from single to super king) from overheating.

Is memory foam good for any sleeping positions?


Whether you’re a side snoozer or front-facer, memory foam mattresses are great for suiting most sleeping positions out there. For side sleepers especially, you can benefit from your shoulders, hips, and ankles being cushioned while you rest, which other mattresses don’t always offer.

Are you a back sleeper? Memory foam mattresses can still benefit you, with several products in the Sleep.8 range designed to offer all the comfort, with spinal alignment still in mind.

What's the main difference between memory foam vs. other types of mattresses?


Unlike other mattresses which may be designed to meet specific needs but disregard the rest, memory foam is a great all-around choice.

Whether you’re a light sleeper or quickly drift off, prefer a firm or softer mattress, wake up in the same place you fell asleep, or are always switching sleeping positions throughout the night, a memory foam mattress can support a wide range of requirements.

Do you and your partner have a weight difference? Don't let this get in the way of enjoying sharing a bed. The individualised support system in our Tech mattress can allow you both to enjoy an undisrupted night’s sleep.

How do I clean my memory foam mattress?

Whether it’s breakfast in bed, muddy paws or makeup, mattress stains can be exhausting to clean. It’s important to steer away from any harsh cleaning products. Spot cleaning by dabbing any affected areas lightly with a weak mixture of laundry detergent and water is a commonly advised tip to clean any stains.

It’s always recommended to also keep a protective cover on your mattress, that can be thrown into the wash. Regular vacuuming of the mattress to catch any loose crumbs, hairs, or general dust will also keep your mattress clean. The Tech Mattress from Sleep.8 comes prepared, with a removable cover that can be taken off and washed at your convenience.

 Will my memory foam mattress get softer?

 One huge plus of memory foam mattresses is that all you need to do is sleep on them to soften them. As the foam adjusts to your body, it will soften in these specific areas. As sleep experts, we also must stress, that jumping on your mattress is NOT a suggestion to soften it up!

We want to make you feel your most rested self, which is why we also offer a range of firmness options on all our mattresses. You can select your ideal requirements ahead of time and enjoy a good night’s sleep from the word, “go”.

So, why choose Sleep.8?

 We believe that good sleep is the foundation of happy, healthy living, and a new mattress might just be what you need to discover this. That’s why we offer products which include:

 - Turn-Free technology: you won’t have to turn your mattress but can still enjoy comfort as great as the first time you experienced it.
- A cooling first layer: whether you’re a warm sleeper or struggle to make it through summer nights, you can feel your most rested.
- Long-lasting service. We’ve put our products through their paces to ensure they can stand the test of time.
- Low-odour mattress: we’ve removed the chemical smell often released when you first open your new mattress, so you don’t have to experience any unpleasant odours in your first week.
- Optimal comfort, tailored to your body: Whether it’s pressure relief, distributing body weight, or supporting any number of sleeping positions.

 Ready to discover your best night’s sleep? Browse our website to discover our wide range of options from the experts, or visit our stores in London to see the power of good sleep for yourself.