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Bespoke upholstered bed buying guide | Sleep.8 UK

Your Upholstered Bed Buying Guide

Your choice of bed frame can seem like a subtle choice but will make a big impact on the look and feel of your bedroom. From practical options such as textured weave to more luxurious fabrics like velvet, there are more options than you may think.  

Read on for our bed frame fabric guide! 

Why choose an upholstered bed? 

Apart from its durability and easy maintenance, upholstered bed frames can give a delicate air of elegance to your sleeping space.  

Additionally, the customisation options are vast and can make a dramatic difference to the energy of your sleeping quarters. From a warm yet bold mustard velvet which can add vibrant breath of life to your morning routine through to a cool-toned brown weave fabric that can help your brain wind down into a peaceful slumber each evening. 

Upholstered headboards are also a must for those who love to spend a languid Sunday morning in bed! They provide a cushioned and comfortable support for sitting up in bed.  

What is the best material for a bed frame? 

There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a material for your bed frame. Below, we outline each of the fabric options offered by Sleep.8 and the benefits of each including aftercare and things to be mindful of when buying your custom bed frame online. 

Textured Weave 

Practical and modern, the Brera Textured Weave is sleek, simple, and true to Scandi style. One of the most durable options owing to its weaved nature and treatment on the underside, this fabric type is appropriate for most interiors.  

Notable benefits: 

  • Good breathability 
  • Protection against static electricity 


By far the most luxurious feeling fabric on offer, Sleep.8 offers four types of velvet, each offering their own benefits. 


Featuring a soft pile and the finest polymer fibre structure, the Velvet Casanova features a special cover, ‘Ever Clean Plus’. This innovative technology keeps the fabric looking its best for as long as possible.  

Best for: busy households prone to stains including ballpoint pens, coffee, or wine but looking for a touch of luxury.  


Delicate and silky to the touch, this stretchy fabric gives upholstered beds a refined look. The Velvet Enrich features deep, saturated colours and can blend in to almost any colour scheme. 

Best for: those prone to allergies and those who require protection from static electricity.  


Royal velvet definitely lives up to its namesake. Velvety soft but with a ribbed structure that adds a layer of durability that those looking for a hardier material will enjoy, this fabric also benefits from the Ever Clean Plus coating and its water-repellent effect.  

Best for: couples who love a sleepy Sunday morning in bed with a warm cup of coffee and sweet honey on toast without worrying about it damaging their upholstered bed frame. 

Faux Suede 

Faux suede, in comparison to real suede, is much less susceptible to water damage and is much easier to clean. There are two types of faux suede offered by Sleep.8: Allure, and Shammy. 


Soft and luxurious, the Allure faux suede is available in a sophisticated colour palette that will seamlessly blend with any type of interior, from shabby chic to modern minimalism. The lightness of the fabric and ease of maintenance makes it an easy addition to any room.  

Best for: those who like to switch up their style on a regular basis, as this versatile fabric is somewhat of a style chameleon.  


Combining the elegance and aesthetics of natural suede with the durability and high-quality nature of synthetics, Shammy makes no compromises on texture. Velvety and soft, Shammy is resistant to UV light and retains its colour for a long time.  

Best for: those with south-facing bedrooms where upholstered bedframes are at risk from sun damage as well as looking for elegence on a budget.  

Maintenance and Aftercare for Upholstered Bed frames 

An upholstered bed frame is fairly simple; each week when you hoover your bedroom, make a point to include the bedframe in your path! With many of Sleep.8’s fabrics featuring the innovative Ever Clean Plus, upkeep is a dream.  

To keep them smelling fresh, invest in a good quality fabric spray. 


It’s clear that upholstered beds are a popular choice for people of all kinds. Whether you’re chic and stylish or are just looking for something comfortable, there’s an upholstered bed and fabric to suit your needs, lifestyle, and aesthetic.  

Aside from looks, upholstered beds are extremely practical and durable. They’re easy to keep clean, especially when treated with Ever Clean Plus. So, if you’re looking to invest in a new bedframe that not only looks great but will stand the test of time, make sure you get in touch with our Sleep.8 experts.