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The 5 Hottest Interior Trends for 2022

Like those in every sector, interiors trends are constantly shifting and evolving, and we here at Sleep.8 think that experimenting with the latest styles in decoration is one of the best ways to try out different aesthetics until you find one that matches your personality and taste. Being informed on popular contemporary style innovations can help spark your own creativity and imagination to create your perfect bedroom sleepscape. For this reason, we wanted to round up the most hotly-tipped interiors trends forecast for this year, and give you some inspiration for incorporating them into your own home. Without further ado, here are 5 bedroom and living room decoration trends that we are most excited about in 2022…

1. Very Peri

The two words on everyone in the design world’s lips this year? ‘Very Peri’, the name of Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022. The annual award has been bestowed upon one lucky hue every year for the past 23 years, with each winner having a strong influence on all areas of design including home furnishing, fashion, film, graphic design and beyond.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute, explains this year’s selection: “Encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red undertone, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression.”
If you want to incorporate this joyous and inspiring colour into your bedroom decor, you can opt to have your furniture upholstered in Casanova Lilac or Sky Velvet Lilac, two of our fabrics which closely resemble the trendy Pantone shade.

2. Multi-Purpose Zoned Rooms

According to Livingetc, room zoning and multi-functional furniture are going to be key features to look out for in 2022. Homemakers everywhere have been finding clever ways to make the most use of their homes the past few years, whether curating that perfect work-from-home setup or finding space for an extra sofa to create a much-needed private reading nook. No matter what kind of area you want to create, all of Sleep.8’s furniture is suited to room zoning, from 360-degree finishes on every furniture piece, to full upholstery and clean, decoratively studded backs on our headboards.

Maybe you want to add an extra space to relax in your bedroom, in which case our sofa beds and armchairs can provide a super comfortable seating area. Most of our sofa beds even have spacious and effortlessly accessible storage drawers, giving you the option to declutter your space discreetly and stylishly. If you are lucky enough to have a spare room, our sofa beds offer the ability to create a versatile space which can function as both a living space or a guest bedroom.

Stuck for space but want to add that finishing touch? An end of bed bench provides a sophisticated flair to any space, elevating the bedroom with an extra perch, perfect for slipping on your shoes or holding decorative cushions while you sleep. 

3. Curved Sculptural Furniture

A big emphasis in design for 2022 is furniture that combines rounded vertices and softer edges with a large scale in order to make a welcoming statement. Rounded-off corners are subconsciously read by the human brain as safe, inviting and cosy, meaning that a large sculptural furniture piece maximises on this feeling of comfort and security. Models such as our Sofia and Rachel beds are perfect for creating this sense of grandeur whilst maintaining that crucial welcoming warmth. Sofas are another way to incorporate this trend; such as the sculptural Lily Sofa Bed pictured below, or our Sunset Sofa Bed which combines a rounded form with a bed-quality mattress, storage drawer and innovative built-in shelving! The perfect item to customise if you want to hit all the major trends at once. 

4. Ottoman Obsession

Homes and Gardens and Livingetc both cite clever storage as a necessity for 2022. Why? Because not only is minimalism a perenially popular aesthetic, but it is important to clear away the stress of the day, especially as our homes are becoming more multifunctional than ever before. Smaller bedrooms can be revolutionised with clever storage too, transforming them into a cosy, decluttered haven.

Says interior designer Emma Green: ‘Smart, well-considered bespoke joinery can really improve not only the aesthetics of a room, but create a sense of calm as, if everything has its place and is stored away, so can the working day be stored out of sight and mind.’

All of our made-to-order beds are customisable with an ottoman base, creating the perfect space to store anything underneath your mattress the doesn’t perfectly match your bedroom aesthetic – because you shouldn’t have to compromise on beautiful living.

5. Big and Bold

The past few years of interior design have seen trends at every notch along the maximalist/minimalist spectrum, from minimalist yet bold colour blocking to busy botanical patterns. This year, according to Homes and Gardens, despite the focus on hidden storage and decluttering our home spaces, we are seeing a huge uptick in home stylists favouring big, bold colours and patterns – especially when it comes to headboards!

With beautifully complex detailing such as tufting and piping, our made-to-order beds, (particularly our high headboard beds) definitely hit this trend, plus you can choose your own premium fabric in any colour you like – as bold or neutral as suits your taste.