Persey Nova Chair bed

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The anatomical chair-bed S8 Persey Nova with the MultiComfort New transformation mechanism (“Accordion”) is stylish and compact. It will add comfort and functionality to the interior: it is equally comfortable to relax and sleep on it. Actual for small apartments.

Rounded corners and soft ribs make it safe, and the large square stitch of the cover makes it expressive.

The side trim covers the folding mechanism of the back and maintains an aesthetic appearance. Narrow smooth armrests give the model completeness.


At the heart of the chair-bed is a high mattress, unique for this type of transformation. The 7-zone NanoPocket spring block supports the spine in an anatomically correct position, contributes to comfortable relaxation.


Conditionally removable: at the production it is put on using equipment.


Sky velvet (micro-velor) is made using innovative technologies. Its main advantage is the water-repellent surface.

The fabric is practical to clean: the most persistent stains can be cleaned with water. Sky velvet is resistant to abrasion (60 thousand cycles) and direct sunlight, its service life is significantly higher than that of standard furniture fabrics. Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.

It's important to know:

- the backrest is made of technical material, the chair-bed can be put only against the wall;
- You can’t sit in the head of the unfolded chair-bed, this place is only for pillows.

Advantages of the S8 Persey Nova chair-bed:

  • at the heart of the chair-bed - an anatomical mattress;
  • the ability to choose the rigidity of the mattress (Soft, Middle, Hard);
  • daily transformation without significant effort;
  • high soft back - an unfolded chair-bed looks like an interior bed;
  • there is a linen box;
  • turnkey interior solution with a Persey sofa;
  • tested according to European quality standards;


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