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Ergomotion 450 adjustable bed

Where innovation meets comfort

Ergo smart adjustable base is one of the most significant sleep technology innovations, that takes your bed miles further than just a place to sleep.

The Ergo bases are designed for seamless integration with nearly any mattress and any bed frame.

This approach allows our customers to easily bring the revolutionary comfort and luxury of the Ergo smart base into their existing sleeping environment. With a touch of a button the Ergo smart base can transform your bedroom into a place to work, rest or relax.

Ergomotion adjustable bed

Stay in bed for everything you love – with TV and reading mode.

Work, read, relax, or simply cuddle with your loved ones.

Ergomotion adjustable bed change position with remote control

Effortlessly change positions with the Wireless remote control.

Select from the anti-snore 7 degree angle, TV mode, or even massage function — all this at the touch of a button. Don’t leave your bed — live in it.

Ergomotion beds upright in reading position

Experience Zero gravity!

The Zero Gravity function has its roots in NASA engineering. Based on their Neutral Body Posture, this preset mode aligns the body to the most comfortable position, free from pressure on joints. Enjoy the sense of weightlessness.

Choose the S8 Ergo Bed that’s just right for you.

Advanced adjustable base
  • Zero gravity
  • Full sitting position
  • Elevated legs mode
  • Anti-snore 7 degree angle
  • Massage Function
Fully equipped adjustable base
  • Zero gravity
  • Full sitting position
  • Elevated legs mode
  • Anti-snore 7 degree angle
  • Massage Function
  • LED-light
  • Bluetooth (managed through app)

Any position - at the touch of a button

Sharing a bed? Do not compromise on comfort with Tech Butterfly split-top mattress.

We’re all creatures of habit, and when it comes to morning and nighttime routines, one person’s habits can be vastly different to the next. If you and your partner have completely different sleeping habits, the Tech Butterfly is the ultimate solution.

When used in conjunction with two Smart Ergo Beds you can sit up comfortably and enjoy your favourite book while your partner sleeps peacefully by your side. Or, if your partner is partial to catching the morning news over a cup of tea in bed and you prefer a lie in, you’ll be able to sleep undisturbed, thanks to the individually adjustable mattresses of the Tech Butterfly Line.

How does the mattress work?

Why choose us?

We’re Sleep.8, experts in sleep. We believe that good sleep is the foundation of happy, healthy living, and our dream is that everybody can get their best 8 hours of sleep, every night. Sleep.8 is a part of the Hilding Anders Group, global leaders in mattresses and bedding, with over 160 years of industry experience.

With stores in London, Barcelona, and Lisbon, we’re on a mission to have the whole world sleeping soundly.