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Our fabric range

Velvet Enrich1

This delicate, silky to the touch, stretchy fabric gives furniture a refined look. Protects against static electricity, suitable for people prone to allergies. The fabric features deep, saturated colours and would complement any interior. 100% polyester.

Velour Velutto

This velour fabric has a soft pile and a velvety texture. Being stretchy it can withstand heavy use, while its high density ensures a long service life. Compared to other woven pile fabrics, Velutto absorbs much less dust. The fabric is easy to care for, has a consistent and solid colour shade and does not fade in the sun.  It shimmers in the light creating interesting highlights and halftones. 100% polyester.

Velvet Casanova

The fabric with soft pile and elastic structure made of the finest polymer fibres. It features a special cover Ever Clean Plus, the innovative technology, that keeps fabric looking its best for a long time. A specially treated surface prevents moisture and dirt from being absorbed. Almost all stains from household dirt such as ballpoint pens, coffee or wine can easily be removed with a clean cloth and water.  100% polyester.

Brera Textured weave

Brera is a practical solution for a modern interior. Its sleek and simple texture is a tribute to the minimalist Scandinavian style. The fabric is treated on the underside with an adhesive spray, making it truly durable. It is resistant to dirt and abrasion. A vibrant melange texture with a fine weave makes it look appropriate in any interior. Brera's additional advantages are its good breathability and protection against static electricity. 100% polyester.

Faux Leather Vogue

The uniqueness of this faux leather collection lies in its high-tech production. For Vogue leather, a double membrane backing is used to create extra softness and voluminous finishes on the leather details, giving the furniture a stylish and high-end look.   100% Polyurethane Base - 100% polyester.

Allure - Faux Suede

The soft and luxurious texture with a patinated effect combined with a sophisticated colour palette will compliment any interior scheme - whether it's shabby chic, art deco, bohemian chic, vintage or modern minimalism. Lightness and ease of maintenance add a trendy feel make it an integral part of the modern lifestyle. This fabric belongs to the premium class. 100% polyester.

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