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S8 Adjustable Embrace Pillow

NEW Adjustable Embrace Pillow

Do you find yourself struggling to get comfortable at night? Always tossing and turning, but just can’t find that sweet spot? With colder weather just around the corner, it’s time to make the most out of dark, cosy evenings and discover new levels of comfort. 

Introducing the Sleep.8 Adjustable Embrace Pillow – one of our newest products, specifically designed to match anybody’s needs. So, whether you’re a side or stomach sleeper, this adjustable huggable pillow can help you drift off in a position that’s right for you.  

Is the Adjustable Embrace Pillow for me?  

Sleep8 Adjustable Embrace Pillow

Simply put… Yes!  

Cuddling your pillow at night is completely normal – in fact, there’s a lot of psychological reasons behind why we sleep the way we do. That’s why we designed this pillow with long-term comfort in mind – meaning even as you change positions throughout the night, you can remain as comfortable as when you first drifted off.  

Thanks to the pillow’s removable foam, you can tailor its plumpness and height to meet your exact needs. This cuddle pillow is perfectly designed to let you rest whether you’re cosying up for an evening on the sofa or looking for the missing piece of your night-time routine.  

How does it work? 

The pillow helps you unwind by using innovative 3D mesh to maximise the airflow and keep you feeling supported. Compared to your ‘standard’ pillow, the Sleep.8 Embrace design allows you to cuddle your pillow with less strain on your back or neck – a common issue front sleepers can face. A lot of standard pillows aren’t designed to fit every sleeping position; however, the unique shape of the embrace pillow and its adjustable style mean you can starfish galore, roll around in comfort, and side sleep serenely.  

With a memory foam and polyester filling, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep that can be adjusted to your needs – a feature that none of its competitors currently offer: 

 S8 Adjustable Embrace Pillow Tempur Ombracio Pillow 
Adjustable? Yes No 
Size 60cm x 50cm 60cm x 50cm 
Fill material 3D Mesh (Memory foam and polyester) TEMPUR® Material micro-cushions 
Price per pillow £49.00 £169.00 

The Benefits of Owning One 

Struggling to sleep through the night? Find yourself waking up uncomfortable? Not anymore. 

  • Unique Shape: 
    Thanks to the pillow’s unique shape, you can lie in a wide range of positions while still cuddling it, giving you the most comfortable night’s sleep. 
  • Adjustable: 
    With its unique adjustable feature, you can tailor its plumpness and height to meet your exact needs. 
  • Free Air Circulation: 
    The mesh inside allows free air circulation and the filling being easily removable lets you adjust both the plumpness and height to tailor to your needs, meaning it can sustain a range of head shapes, sizes and weights. 
  • Price: 
    At over half the price of its competitor, the Embrace Pillow is a far more affordable option to help you relax. 

Ready to commit to comfort?  

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