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8 Reasons To Make Your Bed Every Day

How often do you make your bed? According to the Sleep Foundation, 88 percent of people made their beds at least a few times a week. Of those 88 percent, 71 percent made their beds every day or almost every day. Of those who made their beds daily, 44 percent reported sleeping well every night. 

For those who didn’t make their beds every day, only 37 percent reported sleeping well every night. Of course, getting better sleep isn’t the only reason to make your bed every day. Let’s take a look at the top seven reasons to make your bed.

1. You’ll Be Less Likely To Go Back to Sleep

Many people are tempted to dive back into bed once they get their early morning routine completed. This may include making breakfast and getting the kids off to school. If you make your bed, you will be less likely to go back to bed.

2. It Helps You Get Active

Most people crawl out of bed, head for the coffee machine and plant themselves in a chair until they are fully awake. This isn’t the most productive way to get the morning started, and it doesn’t provide any physical activity, which can help get your brain and body ready for the day. 

Making a few trips around the bed and repositioning pillows can help you get the blood pumping and wake you up faster. Not to mention, you may be more tempted to jump on your treadmill or exercise bike or go for an early morning walk.

3. Accomplishing One Task Helps You Accomplish More

If you’re slow to get started in the morning, making your bed can help. This is because it forces you to accomplish one task, and once you’ve completed a task, you’re more likely to complete more tasks throughout your day, which increases your productivity.

4. It’ll Improve Your Sense of Well-Being

Clutter in your environment isn’t mentally healthy. By making your bed, you’ll be helping to keep your bedroom clean, neat and organized. This can help you feel accomplished, give you a sense of calm, improve your overall organization and help you keep your stress levels low by promoting relaxation.

5. You’ll Be Less Likely to Turn Your Bedroom into a Junk Room

Do you have to declutter your bed and bedroom every time you want to go to sleep? The truth is that when the bed is unmade, you’ll be more likely to toss things into your bedroom, like that pile of clean clothes you just washed, the towels you just used to take a shower and your dirty clothes. 

You may also neglect other areas of the bedroom, like your dresser and vanity, allowing them to get covered in dust. When you start the day by making your bed, you’ll be less likely to create piles in other areas of the room, and you may even find yourself dusting your vanity, bedside tables and dressers in order to further improve the cleanliness of the room.

6. You’ll Keep the Other Areas of Your Home Cleaner

Making your bed and keeping your bedroom clean can inspire you to clean other areas of your home to make them match. You may be more tempted to clear off and clean your coffee table and end tables. 

You’ll be less likely to leave dirty plates and pots and pans on the counters in the kitchen. In other words, by making your bed every day, you may find that the cleanliness of your entire home improves.

7. It’ll Improve Your Nighttime Routine

Do you often have a zillion things you have to do right before bed? This can delay your getting to bed on time and keep your brain active, which means it’ll take you longer to fall asleep. 

Making your bed every day and keeping your bedroom clean can eliminate having to pick things up off the floor and organize your blankets and pillows so that you can actually get into the bed. By simplifying your bedtime routine, you’ll be more likely to go to bed on time, keep your brain from over-activating right before bed and fall asleep faster.

8. You’ll Be More Likely to Wash Your Sheets

How often do you wash your sheets and blankets? According to Metro UK, 33 percent of people only wash the sheets and blankets on their bed once a year. The average time between bedding washes is 19 to 24 days. Does that sound gross to you? 

By making your bed daily, you’ll be more in-tune with your bedding and more likely to wash it the recommended once per week. Not to mention, having clean sheets can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

If you’re one of the 29 percent of individuals that don’t make their beds every day, give it a try tomorrow morning. Taking the time to make your bed every morning can help you feel accomplished, improve your productivity, get you up and moving for the day and help you sleep better each night. You may even notice that you’re better focused and have lower levels of stress throughout the day.