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Stewart Mattress
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Stewart Mattress


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Luxurious height and medium support in a spring core and foam mattress.

25cm mattress depth

Single-sided with Turn-Free technology.

Below average firmness.




With a comfortable medium firm surface, the Stewart mattress suits the average sleeper. A generous thickness of 25cm gives your bed a luxurious boost in height. The 4D spring core provides balanced support and isolated movement, making it great for couples, and a memory foam layer ensures the surface moulds perfectly to your unique shape.

All mattresses in the Sleep.8 range are rigorously tested and come with a ten year guarantee.

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Mattress Sizes

Small Double 120cm x 190cm, Double 135cm x 190cm, King 150cm x 200cm, Superking 180cm x 200cm


Medium firmness


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Term What is it? / Characteristics Properties Benefits
Independent spring block with 4DSpring construction Spring block with 4D Spring construction, where springs are located in textile pouches that are interconnected in the centre, thus the upper and lower part of the spring are free to move in any direction. The springs respond to the slightest movement of the body. Due to this connection, the compression of one spring does not “pull” the compression of the neighbouring springs, which eliminates the “wave” and “hammock” effect. The springs in this block are designed for extreme loads and have no weight limitations. You do not feel your partner’s movements, even if there is a weight difference between two of you. As the springs are connected only in the centre, each spring is a separate zone of the mattress and adapts individually to the body, ensuring a comfortable sleep.
Latex Natural elastic material with an open structure and high wear resistance. The springs in this block are designed for extreme loads and have no weight limitations.
Thanks to its structure, it has excellent air circulation and is capable of withstanding high, prolonged loads. It quickly returns into its initial shape.
Extends the period of exploitation of the mattress and ensures a comfortable sleep through the night at any temperature.
Oxy Comfort Porous elastic material. Creates ideal microclimate, protects mattress from bacteria and excessive moisture. Keeps you sleeping soundly at all temperatures, extends the period of exploitation of your mattress and is family-budget-friendly
Memory Foam High-tech material that completely adapts to the shape of the body. It ensures optimal support of each body part, a quick relaxing effect and the sensation of sleeping “on a cloud”. A healthy, comfortable night’s sleep throughout the night.
Advanced Comfort Quilt System with Cool Balance Fabric Technology Combination of jersey fabric, Hollotech fibres and Oxy Comfort foam with massage effect. Provides optimum softness and superb comfort  of the bed, creates a micro-massage effect. Maintains a comfortable microclimate during sleep at all temperatures. Makes the mattress visually pleasant, prolongs the period of exploitation and creates extra comfort.