S8 smart anti-snore pad
S8 Smart Anti-Snore Pad
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S8 Smart Anti-Snore Pad

£195.00 inc. VAT

You and your partner will wake up feeling refreshed and rested.

The S8 Anti-Snore Pad measures the quality of your sleep through a sound recognition system, adapting the position of your head on the pillow, in order to improve the quality of your rest and that of your partner. This smart device is designed to relieve the effects of snoring by detecting and responding to the sounds you make as you sleep. Connected via Bluetooth to a separate unit, the pad itself fits snugly underneath your pillow or inside a pillow case, filling and emptying air chambers to gently adjust the angle and position of your head as needed. With a 90% efficiency in eliminating snoring, the Anti-Snore Pad is effective for quiet and loud snorers alike, so you and your partner can enjoy a much more restful sleep. The device itself is very quiet, emitting just 35dB when in use.

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