S8 Pegasi Light Therapy Smart Glasses
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S8 Pegasi Light Therapy Smart Glasses

£349.00 inc. VAT

Regulate your sleep hormones and fight insomnia with intelligent light therapy, using NASA-pioneered technology.

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Transform your relationship to sleep and rest with the S8 Pegasi II Light Therapy Smart Glasses. Ideal for people who suffer from irregular sleep or insomnia, or those who work night shifts or experience jet lag, the Pegasi II glasses help to regulate melatonin, the sleep hormone that tells your body when it’s time to go to sleep and when it’s time to wake up, and serotonin, which can affect mood, sleep, and digestion.

Using technology developed by NASA, the Pegasi II glasses generate wavelengths of light to stimulate a specific area of the hypothalamus, regulating the secretion of cortisol and melatonin at different times of the day, increasing energy levels throughout the day and improving sleep quality. By incorporating 20-40 minutes of light therapy into your day, you’ll start to see a real improvement in issues with insomnia, stress, and even mood issues related to lack of sunlight in winter. The Pegasi II glasses are lightweight, at 48 grams, and comfortable to wear. Track your health status and generate a personalised program through the Pegasi Sleep mobile app (available on Android and iOS), which instantly syncs your data via a secure Bluetooth connection.

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