S8 Home Bedding Set: Duvet Cover and 2 Pillowcases
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S8 Home Bedding Set: Duvet Cover and 2 Pillowcases

£55.00£85.00 inc. VAT


Discover your most luxurious night’s sleep ever with the S8 Home Bedding Set. Made from sustainable 100% cotton, these bed linen sets are designed to bring you maximum comfort any time of the year.

White Snow
With a sumptuously soft texture straight out of a fairytale, this snow-white set of bed linen will fill your bedroom with tangible purity and freshness. Suitable for any interior, the white colour can create the illusion of an enlarged space, whilst the crisp, soft fabric has a soft sheen for that elegant finish.

With its soft blue colour evoking warm memories of the sea, the Lagoon linen set provides incredible comfort both physically and visually. Embark on the most indulgent night’s sleep every time you dive into the Lagoon bed linen.

The warm colour of the Cappuccino bed linen evokes the snug warmth of the real thing. With a texture as soft as cappuccino foam, this linen set is sure to add a cosy, rich depth to any interior.

The most delicate colour in the collection, the Powder bed linen set is designed to create an intimate, gentle atmosphere in the bedroom. Made of 100% cotton, the feel of this set matches the look: light, crisp, uplifting.