S8 Eye Massager Power Eyes
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S8 Eye Massager Power Eyes

£62.30 inc. VAT

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A luxurious massager, providing gentle stimulation to relieve tired eyes.

We often overlook how much we use our eyes throughout the day, and the strain we can place on them by spending more and more time in front of screens. Dark circles and puffy eyes are just some of the side effects of eye strain—for some people, it results in unpleasant migraines and headaches.

The S8 Power Eyes eye massager gives your eyes the rest and relief they are begging for. Gently massaging the area, the S8 Power Eyes massager improves blood circulation around your eyes and sinuses, promoting deep relaxation. Select between two modes: soft air-compression massage, and the slightly increased intensity of vibration massage. It also features a luxurious warming effect.

Its rechargeable battery lasts several hours, and the compact design allows the S8 Power Eyes to fold away neatly into an included storage pouch when not in use.


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1 Year



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3 modes (each with 3 speeds)

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