iSense Revive
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iSense Revive

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Intelligent, breathable hybrid mattress with dual Comfort Control for truly personalised support.


The iSense collection delivers the latest trends in mattress technology, with Comfort Control putting you in charge of your comfort and support. The iSense Revive is a hybrid construction, combining a pocket spring support core with a foam layer, with a luxurious 34cm total thickness. Made using premium memory foam with optimal airflow and an additional cooling feature for temperature regulation, this intelligent mattress will give you the best possible conditions for a deeply restful, supportive sleep so you can start each day feeling energised and refreshed.

Using an integrated app, you can adjust the firmness of the mattress core, finding the perfect setting for your unique needs and ensuring you sleep soundly and comfortably with optimal spinal support. Thanks to Dual Control, each side of the bed can be individually adjusted, making it a great choice for couples. In addition to customised settings, each iSense mattress has a luxurious feel, made with high quality, innovative materials.

The iSense mattress will accompany you as your needs and preferences change and develop through life events such as pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and injury. The iSense Revive is delivered compressed and rolled for your convenience.

  • Tested under a 150 kg roller and has undergone 40,000 rolling cycles in the laboratory, which equates to 30 years of use
  • Withstands a load of 140 kg per single size bed
  • No need to turn the mattress. Made according to turn-free technology. The composition is designed so that it is possible to sleep on one side for the entire period of exploitation and this will not affect mattress properties.
  • The optimum height of a mattresses in the collection is 23-26 cm which perfectly fits most beds.
  • Contains 720 springs per bed. Unique block of springs with 4D Spring construction
  • Internal foam certified with European Certipur certificate
  • Fabric cover is premium jersey with light cooling and refreshing effect.
  • The mattress can be used with all types of bed bases including the adjustable Ergomotion bed base
  • The mattress has special perimeter reinforcement which prevents mattress from sagging, increases the sleeping surface, improves the spring system and prevents slipping off the mattress
  • The mattresses have different fabrics on the bunghole which makes its level of firmness visually distinguishable.

Additional information

Dimensions 34 cm
Type of mattress

with orthopedic effect

Maximum weight

No Limit


70,000 cycles

Mattress Base


Mattress Sizes

Single 90cm x 190cm, Double 135cm x 190cm, King 150cm x 200cm, Superking 180cm x 200cm



  • Adjustable firmness via integrated App
  • Dual control allows both sides to be adjusted independently
  • Luxurious high-quality materials
  • Breathable foam structure promotes optimal airflow Luxurious high-quality materials
  • Memory foam adapts to your unique shape
  • Cooling feature for temperature regulation
  • 34cm thickness boosts the height of your bed
  • Even pressure distribution system - eliminates discomfort and search for a comfortable position during sleep, making your sleep sound and restful
  • Unique back support system - provides body with proper support throughout the night. You wake up without back pain
  • Thermal regulation and special bed comfort system help reduce temperature fluctuations that can make our night sleep restless
  • Peaceful sleep through the night - the spring system ensures partner-independent rest, promoting deeper and more restful sleep
  • All-round mattress reinforcement system - extends the life of your mattress, keeping it comfortable for years to come. Reinforces the support of the spring unit. Prevents rolling away.

Term What is it? / Characteristics Properties Benefits
Independent spring block with 4DSpring construction Spring block with 4D Spring construction, where springs are located in textile pouches that are interconnected in the centre, thus the upper and lower part of the spring are free to move in any direction. The springs respond to the slightest movement of the body. Due to this connection, the compression of one spring does not “pull” the compression of the neighbouring springs, which eliminates the “wave” and “hammock” effect. The springs in this block are designed for extreme loads and have no weight limitations. You do not feel your partner’s movements, even if there is a weight difference between two of you. As the springs are connected only in the centre, each spring is a separate zone of the mattress and adapts individually to the body, ensuring a comfortable sleep.
Latex Natural elastic material with an open structure and high wear resistance. The springs in this block are designed for extreme loads and have no weight limitations.
Thanks to its structure, it has excellent air circulation and is capable of withstanding high, prolonged loads. It quickly returns into its initial shape. Extends the period of exploitation of the mattress and ensures a comfortable sleep through the night at any temperature.
Oxy Comfort Porous elastic material. Creates ideal microclimate, protects mattress from bacteria and excessive moisture.
Keeps you sleeping soundly at all temperatures, extends the period of exploitation of your mattress and is family-budget-friendly
Memory Foam High-tech material that completely adapts to the shape of the body. It ensures optimal support of each body part, a quick relaxing effect and the sensation of sleeping “on a cloud”. A healthy, comfortable night’s sleep throughout the night.
Advanced Comfort Quilt System with Cool Balance Fabric Technology Combination of jersey fabric, Hollotech fibres and Oxy Comfort foam with massage effect. Provides optimum softness and superb comfort of the bed, creates a micro-massage effect. Maintains a comfortable microclimate during sleep at all temperatures. Makes the mattress visually pleasant, prolongs the period of exploitation and creates extra comfort.