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The Sleep.8 Guide To Bedding & Bed Sets

Crafting both a comfortable bed and a beautiful bed is an art. Every piece of the bedding must coordinate and complement each other effortlessly to deliver a complete look. From touch to material, each part of bedding must also play a role in overall comfort.

Although many people consider bedding to only consist of sheets and pillows, there are several essential elements to create a perfectly dressed bed. The list below details each key piece and how to build a luxurious bed from the bottom up.


Select the right mattress to maximize the bed’s comfort level. The mattress anchors the feel of the bed and serves as the base for comfort. Whether you prefer soft or firm, ensure you choose the right mattress for your sleeping habits.

Top-Tip: A mattress is an investment and should offer longevity for at least seven years.

Mattress Cover/Protector

The mattress is the core element of your bed and the most important investment. The mattress cover helps protect your mattress from spills or accidental tears. The mattress cover can also defend against sweat, dust, and allergens.

Top-Tip: The mattress cover is available in various fabrics such as cotton or wool to add a layer of padding for enhanced comfort.


The sheets help to create a decorative look. Whether color choice or fabric, the sheets are starter elements needed to bring charm and elegance to the bed. There are two key sheets to consider for the perfectly dressed bed: the flat sheet and the fitted sheet.

Flat Sheet

The flat sheet goes on top of the fitted sheet and usually features a fancy trim designed for the head of the bed. This sheet provides the top layer of bedding before the blanket or duvet.

Top-Tip: The flat sheet protects the blanket or duvet and offers gentle warmth on nights when the thicker blanket or duvet is not necessary.

Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet boasts elastic edges and forms perfectly to the size of the mattress. This sheet is typically packaged in a set to create a coordinated look.

Top-Tip: Select a fitted sheet that is soft to the touch and moisture-wicking to enhance the comfort of your bed.


Generally packaged with the sheet set, the pillowcases elevate the coordinated appeal of the bed’s style. The pillowcases protect your pillows from dirt and accidental damage.

 Top-Tip: Mix and match pillowcases to bring a pop of color or character to the style of your bed. Not all pillows are the same size so ensure you select the correct sized pillowcase.


Similar to the mattress, pillows are the anchor to the bed’s comfort level. Fill material provides both soft and firm pillow options. Choose the right pillow for your sleeping habits. Depending on the size of the bed, the number of pillows brings a plush and comfortable look to the bed.

Top-Tip: As fill material deteriorates, it is recommended to change bed pillows every 12 to 18 months.

Accent/Throw Pillows

These types of pillows are available in different shapes and sizes. Accent or throw pillows enhance both the look and feel of the bed. These pillows serve as one of the finishing touches to the bed.

Top-Tip: The look of accent pillows is easily revamped using pillow shams when the bed’s style needs a change for a new season.


A duvet is filled with down or down alternative material for a soft yet comfortable touch. Duvet covers are simple and more elegant than typical blankets or comforters. A duvet adds a layer of warmth to the bed and the plush feel improves the bed’s comfort level.

 Top-Tip: A cover usually ties or snaps on the inside to protect the duvet from damage and perspiration.


Comforters are fluffy and feature more decorative patterns than a duvet. A comforter is filled with down or synthetic fill material to provide a warm and plush feel in cooler weather.

Top-Tip: Comforters add the finishing touch to the look of the bed.


Blankets are similar to duvets and comforters but are made with thicker material without any down or synthetic fill. Blankets generally have a simple design and the most popular are made out of wool.

Top-Tip: There are several types of blankets including weighted blankets, cooling blankets, knitted blankets, and heated blankets.

Enjoy Luxury and Comfort

Craft your bed from the bottom with the bed skirt up to the top of the duvet. Each element plays a key role in either style or comfort. Coordinating the pieces will deliver a beautifully styled look while selecting the right mattress and pillows will enhance the comfort level. Elevate the look and feel of the bed with sheets boasting soft fabrics and bold colors.