Astoria 2.0 Z&L Mattress

All the models of 2.0 collection can be produced with an additional option on the lock




The anatomical Astoria 2.0 Z&L mattress with high firmness level - for exquisite comfort and sound and healthy sleep. 

The Astoria 2.0 Z&L mattress composition:
- the 720FLEXZONE Support System independent spring block with 4D Spring construction elastically supports the body; 
- removes muscle tension and accelerates the process of falling asleep; spring movements are not transmitted to adjoined ones, which is extremely important for partners with mismatched biorhythms and light sleep;
- the “breathable” Oxy Comfort system maintains the hygiene of the sleeping place, prevents the development of micro-organisms; the special comfort system with a micro-massage effect supports optimal body temperature throughout the year
- reinforced perimeter prevents the edges from sagging.
- withstands regular intense loads

Z&L is an optional extra for mattresses whose design includes a zip on the inner side of the mattress (right/left side).
This solves the problem of delivering oversized mattresses to dwellings with narrow doorways.
The 2.0 collection model is manufactured from two halves, which are connected by a zip fastener in the middle (right/left side).
A sturdy zip fastener securely joins the mattress halves, and due to its unique design, it will not be felt while the mattress is in use.

•        The mattress is 25 cm thick; 
•        One-sided; 
•        Firmness level is above medium;
•        The Advanced Comfort Quilt comfort system with the Cool Balance Fabric Technology; 
•        "Breathable" Oxy Comfort system; 
•        An independent 12 cm high spring block with the 4D Spring construction; 
•        Orto Foam box;
•        Basic foam layer

The Astoria 2.0 mattress: the luxury hotel comfort at your house!


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