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What are the advantages of the Sleep.8 massage chair?

The main advantage of the Sleep.8 massage chair is that the massage area covered during the session is 60% larger than that of a conventional massage chair. Additionally, it has got a back and knee heating function.
Elongated curved Sleep.8 massage chair track allows the massage movements to penetrate deeper into the S-curve of the back. Due to the optical scan of each user, you receive a proper full-body massage. The chair is equipped with an optical scanning device that can locate, among other things, the neck and shoulders and accurately massage the cervical area.
The Sleep.8 massage chair is suitable for people of any height (from 150 to 210 cm). The chair construction provides the same level of comfort both for petite users and those with larger body complexions. The chair can be controlled remotely through an app on your smartphone. You can also connect your smartphone to the chair via the USB port and listen to your favourite music during the massage session.
The advantages of the Sleep.8 massage chair do not end on this note: it has a wide range of automatic and manually adjustable programmes based on the individual needs of each user. There is also an exclusive Zero-G position specifically designed for relieving the load from the spinal cord.

How to choose a massage chair?

How to choose a massage chair?
Before purchasing a massage chair, it is advisable to visit a salon for a free massage session, and then decide on the location of the chair at your residence (or office). The most important thing is to take measurements of doorways/windows to make sure the chair will fit in its intended location.
Deciding which model to choose is rather easy:
Do you need a USB port in your chair?
Do you want to receive the exact imitation of a manual massage, and enjoy the massage of various other zones simultaneously?
Do you suffer from knee pain and want to use the additional option of knee heating?
Finally, would you like to experience a massage effect similar to that of a thermal spring ( through the increased number of air-compression cushions)?
If you have answered “yes” to all 4 points, then you need a more expensive JET model. If the above-mentioned functions are not of fundamental importance to you, or you are limited in budget, then you should choose the JET S model.

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