Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Sleep And Insomnia.

Solve your insomnia without medication.Solve your insomnia without medication.

Get help for your Insomnia with a science-base program designed by sleep experts, based on cognitive and behavioral techniques.

Find out how we can help you with our interactive and personalised 6-week program that will guide you through the process of changing your thoughts. Over the course of our program, you will come to understand the science of your sleep.

Real Science

CBTI (cognitive-behavioural therapy for insomnia) is the only scientifically proven, non-drug insomnia treatment.

CBTI is 70-80% more effective than sleeping medication* and reduces or eliminates the need for sleep medication in the vast majority of patients. It has better long term outcomes too!

Real People

During the 6-week program, a certified sleep professional will meet with you over the phone or video, once a week, to guide you to improve your sleep. Our sleep experts will assess your sleep and provide tailored support throughout the program, discussing your progress, and personalising your CBTI experience to your needs.

Our sleep coaching program combines online sleep education with personal sleep coaching

Real Results

94% of patients report they are falling asleep more quickly, staying asleep, and sleeping better.

Most reported life changing results and are less dependent on sleeping medication.

Sign up today for a risk-free consultation with one of our Certified Sleep Coaches and start sleeping better.


You might be experiencing

Do you have difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up too early? Are you taking sleep medication and finding it ineffective?Let one of our certified sleep coaches take you through a 6-week program using one-on-one sleep education and cognitive behavioural techniques that have a 94% long-term success rate. Talk to a sleep coach completely risk free

Our Insomnia Sleep.8 CBTI program

Your privacy is protected and your concerns listened to. Improve your sleep and ultimately your quality of life from the comfort of your home.

How Sleep.8 coaching works

We’re excited to help you start sleeping better, sooner through our interactive program. This program is only £499 and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. Sign up today for a risk-free consultation with one of our sleep specialists.

Get to know our certified sleep coaches

Dr. Ana Brito

Director of the sleep coaching program

Dr Ana Brito is a Certified Expert Somnologist by the European Sleep Research Society.

She received a Physiology Degree from Coimbra University and a Master Degree in Sleep Sciences from the Faculty of Medicine at Lisbon University. Currently is the Director of the sleep coaching program at Sleep.8, helping people like you beat insomnia using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques. She has lectured in the UK and Portugal, whilst developing years of clinical and research experience within the NHS and private healthcare practices.

Dr Brito is also a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the European sleep Research Society.

Dr. Jack D. Edinger

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Jack D. Edinger is the man behind the mysteries of insomnia and knows more about sleep disorders than anyone could ever imagine. When people having troubles with insomnia need to get their sleep back, there’s no better expert than Dr. Edinger.

In addition to his role at Sleep.8 Sleep coaching program, he currently serves as a professor in the department of Medicine at National Jewish Health— the only facility in the world dedicated exclusively to the research and treatment of patients with respiratory, cardiac, immune, and related disorders. His work at National Jewish Health focuses largely on insomnia research and treatment, as well as excessive sleepiness and circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

Dr. Edinger has been studying and treating sleep disorders for more than 45 years. He has authored more than 150 pieces of research and has been featured in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Archives of Internal Medicine, JAMA Psychiatry, Sleep, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Journal of Sleep Research, and many, many others.

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Sleep.8 coaching program provides coaching services by certified sleep professionals

Sleep.8 coaching program provides coaching services by certified sleep professionals. The services provided are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice. The services are provided as a complement to any other care you might require or are receiving.Sleep.8 does not make any warranties either expressed or implied with regard to the coaching services they provide or their results.
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