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How to Choose Your Perfect Mattress

Using the right mattress for you is of utmost importance when it comes to quality sleep; finding a good mattress can be the difference between having a good day and a bad day. We spend more time on our mattress than any other item of furniture in the house, so you want one that is perfect for your body. Your mattress should contour to your body and meet your personal comfort preferences – this is why testing your mattress before you buy is absolutely imperative. At Sleep.8, we have a huge range of mattresses; from foam to pocket sprung and hybrid, in the full spectrum of firmnesses, as well as our in-store sleep experts who will guide you through the process of finding your best fit for comfort. We even offer a mattress recycle service, where we will collect your old mattress at the same time as delivering your new one, and recycle it for you! Easy on you, easy on the planet.
Knowing what to look for and spending a little time finding the best mattress for you will benefit your health and wellbeing for years to come. So without further ado, here are our top tips on how to choose your perfect mattress.

What should you look for when it comes to finding the best mattress and bed for sleeping?
Testing a mattress and bed is the most important thing, as there is no one mattress that will suit every sleeper. Always look for comfort first, and the correct tension to suit your body type – factors you should consider include your size, if you sleep alone or with someone else, and whether you sleep on your side, front, or back, as this affects the pressure distribution on your mattress. When testing a mattress, try to spend 10-15 minutes lying down so you can really evaluate your comfort – don’t be shy, this is a really important choice!
When it comes to the bed, choose a frame that makes you feel comfortable and secure, as well as a size that is spacious enough for you (and your partner if this applies), as this is an important long-term investment in your wellbeing.

When it comes to mattresses, softer doesn’t always mean more comfortable.
Comfort is completely subjective, so you need to figure out what is perfect for you. It all comes down to the individual person – your size, sleeping position, as well as any particular preferences you have should all be taken into account. For example, those who suffer from back pain should lean towards a firmer tension as this will provide added support for your spine – too firm, though, and it could create uncomfortable pressure points – this is why testing your mattress is so imperative. 
Despite the hype, memory foam mattresses are not always better, as they are prone to indents, chemical smells, and are dense and less breathable, which can cause overheating if you are a hot sleeper. Natural latex foam, such as is found in our Tech Mattress, is a more porous foam with a memory effect which permits healthy airflow, keeping your mattress cool and hygienic while providing that heavenly soft foam comfort. Our Tech Mattress is available in Soft, Medium and Hard, so you can enjoy this innovative foam creation in a tension that suits your body perfectly. 
If you want that luxurious experience of a soft mattress, a topper can be useful. Our Premium Heaven De Luxe Mattress has a huge depth of 39cm, and comes with an integrated ‘cloud-soft’ mattress topper, meaning you can enjoy great support and breathability alongside luxe softness.

We’ll support you through thick and thin.
Built to last, all of our S8 mattresses have special perimeter reinforcement which prevents the mattress from sagging, increases the sleeping surface, improves the spring system and prevents slipping off the mattress. Our mattresses range from 25 to 39 cm thickness, providing ample cushioning and height for your best night’s sleep. Our  thickest mattress, the Premium Heaven De Luxe, includes a specialised spring system with Dual Adaptive Technology, meaning it smoothly and dynamically adapts to your each and every movement. Additionally, the iSense Revive Mattress is a smart mattress which allows you to adjust the firmness of the surface in real-time, through an integrated smartphone app. This luxurious hybrid mattress uses Dual Comfort Control, meaning you and your partner can enjoy different firmnesses on your respective sides of the bed, for truly personalised comfort and your ideal night’s sleep.

Extra tips and tricks…
Always look into the height and depth of your mattress, as well as the firmness and filling. If you find that you often get hot while sleeping, always look for a mattress that has either natural layering, such as a layer of natural latex, or a cooling gel layer, which will help the breathability of the mattress during the night. 100% memory foam mattresses are not always the best choice, as they are denser and less breathable, and so tend to sweat.