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Best Feather Pillows

What makes the best feather pillow and where can I get one? 

Feather pillows tend to have a luxurious feel. That’s because they are soft and conform to the shape of your head and neck. This means that they aren’t particularly firm, but then maybe that’s what you prefer as a stomach sleeper.

Selecting a feather pillow

Feather pillows may have a universal quality, in that they tend to be softer than most other types of pillow fill. But there are slight variations between pillows in terms of the ratio of feathers to down that is used. They will vary too in firmness, loft and shape.

Nowadays, much is made of whether or not pillows are vegan. They are usually sourced from ducks or geese so a down alternative pillow may be best in this case. There is also the question of whether the feathers or down is sourced from animal-friendly means.

What to think about when choosing a feather pillow

Pillows that are filled entirely from feathers tend to have more firmness than those which include a mixture of feathers and down. 

Of both types of fill, down tends to be the most expensive. It’s also the more difficult to track down. Usually pillows have a mix of 50% or 80% down. 

How your sleeping position affects pillow choice

Depending on how you sleep ie sideways, on your back or your stomach, the firmness you will require in your pillow varies. Side sleepers, for instance, usually require a firmer pillow to keep their head, neck and spine in alignment. They usually also need a higher pillow loft (ie thickness). You can tell how dense and therefore the height of the loft by how much cubic inches one ounce of down takes up. In other words, the higher the fill power, the loftier the pillow.

If it’s support you are looking for in your pillow then feathers are better than down for this. Then again, you may be looking for a pillow that will mould to your head. In this case, down is a better fill than feathers.

In terms of shape, it’s possible to buy longer pillows with a feather and down fill, but the majority of them are sold in a standard pillow size.

When it comes to cost, as you can probably imagine, the more feathers in the fill then the more expensive the pillow to buy. Those with 100% down are the most expensive. 

Feathers and down are naturally insulating so it’s often a good idea to invest in a cotton pillowcase to let the head breathe when sleeping.

Pros and Cons of Feather Pillows

Pros of a feather pillow

  • It provides a luxurious sleep

  • Great for insulation during winter

  • Will last up to three years if washed properly

  • Can help regulate temperature with the right pillow covering

Cons of a feather pillow

  • They can be too soft for some people, with not enough support

  • They are expensive to buy

  • Feather pillows often need to be dry cleaned

  • They can have a bit of a smell when new

  • They can make a rustling sound when you turn over in bed

Who are feather pillows best for?

Back and side sleepers tend to fare best with a feather pillow. Back sleepers need a medium loft pillow and side sleepers a high loft version to keep the neck and head aligned. People who end up cuddling their pillows also tend to like feather versions as they are softer.

Feather pillow sizes 

Standard size pillows 20” x 20” are common for feather pillows. Super Standard pillows are 20” x 28,” Queen is 20” x 30” and King 20” x 36.” Body pillows are at least 54” in length.

Buying a feather pillow from Sleep8

We are proud of our natural products, where we use only responsibly sourced materials. Our S8 golden goose feather pillow has the luxury feel and will keep you warm in the cooler months. Sink into a peaceful night sleep knowing that your Golden Goose will retain heat and provide air circulation allowing quick relaxation. It’s a versatile pillow that will keep your head, spine and neck in your natural, anatomically correct position and is suitable for those who like to sleep in multiple positions during the night. The natural material has a thin, light structure, which quickly recovers after being squeezed to its original shape. While the presence of a special chamber extends the service life of the pillow and prevents the filler from losing its shape. Endowed with a high hygroscopic characteristics and high degree of elasticity.

Soft, elastic and pleasant material with a silky texture, unusually smooth and odorless. Perfect pillow to sit up in bed. 100% natural material, obtained by plucking the birds during the moulting period. 

This pillow comes in 50x70x16сm size, with medium hardness and has a 100% cotton case.

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