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Best Luxury Pillows

What makes the best luxury pillow and how do I get one?

These days there is no reason why you can’t use a luxury pillow at home. 

After all, your pillow is important when it comes to the overall quality of your sleep. It can affect the alignment of your head and spine, for instance, as well as preventing pressure points.

Luxury pillows, by their very nature, tend to be of a higher quality when it comes to materials. They are more expensive, but then they do tend to be more comfortable, have a great level of support and a longer lifespan.

The type of material you can expect to find a luxury pillow made from is natural materials such as linen, rayon and cotton. Luxury pillows also tend to be more reinforced and structured, helping them retain shape for longer. In many cases, the fill in a luxury pillow is sustainably sourced.

How can you spot a luxury pillow?

The easiest way to see whether or not a pillow can be classed as luxury is to look at the material it’s produced from. If a natural fabric and fill then that’s a good giveaway. Down and natural latex are two materials commonly used in luxury pillows.

You’ll also find that luxury pillows have temperature regulating qualities, because the material they are produced from is breathable. This makes it easier to sleep, especially if the bedroom is hot because it’s the summer months.

Luxury pillows are better finished i.e. the seams are constructed in a quality fashion and there may also be embroidered or decorative extras.

How to get the right luxury pillow for you

The loft (height) of a pillow is important since it determines the angle of your head and neck as you sleep. You can choose between low, mid or high loft pillows. 

Stomach sleepers, for instance, are usually best with a low loft pillow while side sleepers often prefer a high loft. But even if the pillow does have a high loft, materials such as down compress easily so the material is important too.

Luxury pillows tend to be more supportive because they keep their shape for longer. You may find your luxury pillow also has inner chambers for extra support and structure.

Luxury pillows are often much better than standard pillows when it comes to relieving pressure on certain parts of the body. That’s because a supportive pillow can make sure there is no tension in the neck and shoulders while you are sleeping. Materials such as memory foam, down and latex in particular are good for pressure relief.

In terms of temperature regulation, luxury pillows are made from breathable materials and have lightweight covers made from linen and cotton and which can wick away moisture.

Pros of Luxury Pillows

  • Last longer than conventional pillows

  • Retain their shape and support for longer

  • More comfortable to sleep with

  • Temperature regulating thanks to breathable materials

Cons of Luxury Pillows

  • More expensive than standard pillows

  • Take more maintenance ie they may have to be dry-cleaned (standard pillows can usually be machine washed)

What fillings do luxury pillows have?

Memory Foam: Also known as viscoelastic polyurethane foam, this material conforms to the shape of the head and neck. It’s supportive but may be warm unless the memory foam has cooling constructions or the fill itself is infused with a substance to extract heat, such as gel, copper or graphite.

Latex: Produced from the sap of rubber trees, latex offers moderate contouring. It’s a breathable material so cool for sleeping on.

Down/Feathers: Down is another malleable and conforming fill. If it also contains feathers then it has a better shape. 

Buckwheat: The casings of buckwheat seeds produce firm pillow fills that contour to your head and neck. This kind of pillow is also breathable.

What luxury pillow to choose from?

S8 Pillow Smart 3.0 Axis

Smart 3.0 Axis Pillow maximizes comfort and recovery. This pillow comes with eco-friendly memory foam with cooling gel technology. With Smart 3.0 Axis you can analyze your sleep patterns using the Sleepace app.

Meet the future of sleep with the Axis Smart Pillow 3.0. Experience truly individualized comfort, thanks to the integration of a precision sensor that monitors and analyses your sleep patterns via the Sleepace App. One side of the reversible cover features a breathable jersey with Envi-max technology, regulating moisture and increasing airflow, while the other is made using Outlast, a thermoregulating material that absorbs and, if necessary, radiates heat.

The Axis Smart Pillow's interior layers work hard to ensure you that can rest easy: Eco-friendly foam memory granules with cooling gel promote healthy air flow and neutralize electromagnetic waves; latex granules support correct positioning of the head and neck; active polyester granules provide volume and shape retention, preventing the pillow from bunching; and a 3D mesh perimeter further provides sufficient air circulation. Optimum comfort for side sleepers is guaranteed. Suitable for allergies. 

Available in three sizes: 50х70х12 cm, 50х70х17 cm, and 50х70х20 cm this pillow has medium hardness and comes with multiple layers.

S8 Pillow Indigo

S8 Pillow Indigo - a classically styled pillow with memory foam technology, helping side sleepers by providing more comfort with our cooling Gel particle technology. 

The Indigo is a memory foam pillow that simply moulds perfectly to you to provide custom comfort and support. Made using gel particles, it has a cooling effect that lasts all the way through the night. With two robust neck inserts, the Indigo provides added structural support, loved by the side sleepers. 

This pillow comes in three sizes: 40х60х9,5 cm, 40х60х13 cm, 40х60х14,5 cm, medium hardness, and a removable cover.

S8 Beauty Pillow

This hypoallergenic and durable anatomically shaped S8 Gel Ergonomic pillow features a perfect combination of memory foam and a helium cooling layer of innovative EcoGel®. The porous memory foam follows your body shape and the EcoGel® layer gently relaxes facial muscles for a soothing massage effect. The final element is the outer layer of microfiber, which is exceptionally soft and comfortable for all sleeper types. It’s a truly universal option which is perfect for sleeping on both sides and back. If you are a side sleeper, the high edge filling the space between your head and shoulder will ensure maximum comfort. Back sleepers should put a low edge under their head. The Gel Ergonomic responds to even the smallest movements, creating a responsive elastic support.

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