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Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

Pillows for back sleepers

If you’ve spent time working out just what is the best mattress for you as a back sleeper, then it makes sense to do likewise with your pillow.

That’s because often back sleepers prefer a higher loft in their pillow than stomach sleepers, for instance. And it may be the loft is lower than that preferred by side sleepers. What you want ideally is a pillow that allows the spine and head to stay in alignment.

Snoring is especially prevalent in individual’s who sleep on their back but this can be helped by sleeping on a mattress with a slight incline. On the plus side, back sleeping is seen as a healthy position in which to lie because it’s the least likely to cause pressure points.

Features that are best in a pillow for back sleepers

The loft of a pillow refers to its thickness. Medium-loft pillows are best for back sleepers ie pillows which are between three and five inches thick. You’ll also want a pillow which is medium firm. Too firm and it can lead to a sore neck, too soft and you’ll get pressure points in the neck too.

The majority of pillows available these days are rectangular in shape.  Down and down alternative pillows can be more rounded and a fabric surround makes them feel flatter.

Moulded memory foam and latex pillows are flat too, although they can also be moulded to a round shape at times.

Higher quality materials are better to buy than lower quality since they tend to be more comfortable and the cost even out when you consider how durable they can be. Not all memory foam or down pillows are equal either. It depends on the quality of the memory foam and the thickness of the down.

What Pillow material suits back sleepers best?

Memory foam pillows conform to the body, increasing the comfort factor by relieving pressure. These pillows can be warm though and there is a certain smell, initially at least.

Buckwheat pillows feel a little like sleeping on a beanbag but the loft can be altered at will by simply adding or reducing more buckwheat hulls.

Feather pillows are larger and stiffer than down pillows, they are also cooler. Down pillows are usually a mix of down and feathers. They’re cooler than memory foam and the longest lasting.

Latex is a natural material, making these pillows good for allergy sufferers. They can mould to the body and give good support and pressure relief.

Polyester is a synthetic alternative to down. The get flat after a time so aren’t particularly durable compared to the others.

What size of pillow can I buy as a back sleeper?

Standard, queen, and king are the most common size of pillow available these days. 

Standard pillows are the most common and measure 20″ x 26″. Super standard pillows are good for those who tend to roll around a lot in their sleep. They measure 20″ x 28″. 

Queen pillows measure 20″ x 30″ and King pillows are 20″ x 36″. 

A Body pillow usually comes in at around 54″ x 20″ or 48″ x 20″. These are good for side sleepers and pregnant women as it gives them something to cuddle for comfort. More usually, they can also put the body pillow between their knees for spinal alignment.

Tips for back sleepers

  • Eat a light dinner at least four hours before bed to prevent any acid reflux

  • Opt for a medium-firm mattress for the best support and therefore sleep. If you are heavy though, go for a firm support mattress for better weight distribution

Best pillow models for back sleepers 

S8 Pillow Smart 3.0 Axis

Smart 3.0 Axis Pillow maximizes comfort and recovery. This pillow comes with eco-friendly memory foam with cooling gel technology. With Smart 3.0 Axis you can analyze your sleep patterns using the Sleepace app.

Meet the future of sleep with the Axis Smart Pillow 3.0. Experience truly individualized comfort, thanks to the integration of a precision sensor that monitors and analyses your sleep patterns via the Sleepace App. One side of the reversible cover features a breathable jersey with Envi-max technology, regulating moisture and increasing airflow, while the other is made using Outlast, a thermoregulating material that absorbs and, if necessary, radiates heat.

The Axis Smart Pillow's interior layers work hard to ensure you that can rest easy: Eco-friendly foam memory granules with cooling gel promote healthy air flow and neutralize electromagnetic waves; latex granules support correct positioning of the head and neck; active polyester granules provide volume and shape retention, preventing the pillow from bunching; and a 3D mesh perimeter further provides sufficient air circulation. Optimum comfort for side sleepers is guaranteed. Suitable for allergies. 

Available in three sizes: 50х70х12 cm, 50х70х17 cm, and 50х70х20 cm this pillow has medium hardness and comes with multiple layers.

S8 Pillow Spring massage

S8 Pillow Spring massage has been designed to give side sleepers extra support for the head and neck. Fitted with a micro-spring block designed to distribute your weight evenly at all times. Fitted with hypoallergenic material to give you the perfect night's sleep.

The micro spring block inside the S8 Spring Massage pillow makes it unique and perfect for side sleepers. Each spring works independently to evenly distribute weight and pressure across the surface of the pillow, reacting sensitively to movement and keeping your head and neck supported as you sleep. This pillow adapts to your individual features, relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation and circulation with a subtle micro-massage effect. 

Other benefits include: well-supported head and neck as you sleep, thicker outer layer provides soft comfort, relieves muscle tension. 

 S8 Spring Massage pillow comes in 48x68x21сm size, medium hardness, and a removable cover. 

S8 Pillow Indigo

S8 Pillow Indigo - this is a classic pillow with memory foam, it helps back sleepers as well as other sleep patterns by adapting to your body shape and cooling you while you are asleep. 

Indigo Memory Foam pillow comes in three sizes: 40х60х9,5 cm, 40х60х13 cm, 40х60х14,5 cm, medium hardness, and a removable cover.

S8 Pillow Spring massage

S8 Pillow Spring massage is designed to give you extra support for the head and neck. Fitted with a micro-spring block designed to distribute your weight evenly at all times. Each spring works independently to evenly distribute weight and pressure across the surface of the pillow, reacting sensitively to movement and keeping your head and neck supported as you sleep. 

S8 Pillow Protect-a-bed

S8 Pillow Protect-a-bed - we designed this pillow with versatility and comfort in mind. Adjust height and firmness of your pillow with our valve design. Fitted with hypoallergenic material to provide you with a peaceful night's rest. Suitable for back sleepers. 

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