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Best Hotel Pillows you can buy in shops

Hotel pillows - why are they so good and how to buy them?

Wondering what kind of hotel pillow will be best for your needs? Then read on. Our guide discusses such areas as loft, firmness, size, materials and price to help you find the ideal hotel pillow.

The best hotel pillows that you can buy in shops or online

Hotel pillows are typically designed for the ‘average sleeper.’ This means they will be of mid-loft and mid-thickness. That’s great if you’re the ‘average sleeper’ but not if you are tall or weight more than average. In this case you will feel more comfortable with a firm mattress which can distribute your length and weight more evenly. 

Choosing a good hotel pillow

When it comes to deciding which hotel pillow suits your need best you have to consider your purchase from a number of different angles. Pillows come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, for instance. They also differ in terms of:

Loft. This is how high the pillow lifts your head when sleeping. Side sleepers require a mid to high-loft pillow to ensure their spine remains in alignment. Back sleepers are usually fine with a medium-loft pillow and stomach sleepers are better with a low-loft pillow or none at all.

Firmness Level: If you’re a side sleeper then you’ll need a firm pillow whereas stomach sleepers are usually fine with a softer pillow. You’ll find that the majority of hotel pillows are medium-firm, although it is possible to buy soft hotel pillows too.

Fill: Hotel pillows tend to use either real feathers and/or down.

You’ll find others in polyester or microfibre alternatives. Down pillows are soft but can make allergies flare up. The non-feather/down alternatives are much easier to wash.

Cover Material: Cotton is the most popular cover material used in hotel pillows, mainly because it’s breathable. You can also find hotel pillows in materials such as lyocell, rayon and polyester.

Popular hotel pillow sizes

Hotel pillows tend to come in three typical sizes – standard, queen and king.

Standard pillows are usually 20” x 26” and typically used for standard size mattresses or twin beds. In terms of a pillow case you can use standard or queen sizes.

Super-standard size pillows are slightly longer, measuring 20” x 28.” You’ll find these a lot on bunk beds and in twin size beds. They’ll fit into a standard and queen size pillowcase.

Queen size pillows are larger again, at 20” x 30.” These allow the sleeper to move around and change position more.

King: Measuring 20” x 36” this is the largest size of pillow for a standard bed. It’s good for individuals who tend to be broad shouldered.

Specialty: It’s also possible to buy long body pillows, u-shaped travel pillows, neckroll and wedge pillows.

Advantages and disadvantages of hotel pillows

There are both pros and cons of using hotel pillows. We outline both below:


They are good for most body types and sleepers

Usually hypo-allergenic

Last longer than other pillows

Tend to be breathable

Use quality materials


Not firm enough for some sleepers

Tend to be more expensive than ‘normal’ pillows

Useful information about hotel pillows

The type of pillow a hotel uses will depend on how much you are paying for the room i.e. a more expensive room should result in a more luxurious and breathable pillow. 

You will typically pay between £40 and £105 for a hotel pillow.

Some hotel pillows, such as those with a down filling may have a particular smell. This will usually abate once its cleaned properly. Some hotel pillows can be washed in the machine while others have to be dry cleaned for best results.

Hotel pillows to choose from 

S8 Pillow Indigo

S8 Pillow Indigo - this is a classic pillow with memory foam, it helps side sleepers by adapting to your body shape and cooling you while you are asleep. 

Indigo Memory Foam pillow comes in three sizes: 40х60х9,5 cm, 40х60х13 cm, 40х60х14,5 cm, medium hardness, and a removable cover.

S8 Pillow Spring massage

S8 Pillow Spring massage is designed to give you extra support for the head and neck. Fitted with a micro-spring block designed to distribute your weight evenly at all times. Each spring works independently to evenly distribute weight and pressure across the surface of the pillow, reacting sensitively to movement and keeping your head and neck supported as you sleep. 

S8 Pillow Protect-a-bed

S8 Pillow Protect-a-bed - we designed this pillow with versatility and comfort in mind. Adjust height and firmness of your pillow with our valve design. Fitted with hypoallergenic material to provide you with a peaceful night's rest. This pillow is very popular among hoteliers. 

For more products, check our buying pillow online page. 

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