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How to choose the right mattress for back pain

Choosing a mattress for back pain 

Confused over what type of mattress you should buy to avoid waking up every morning with back pain? Well you’re in good company – because even the experts can’t agree.

Over the years the notion that a hard mattress was the best for your back is old-fashioned now, with many sleep doctors suggesting you should opt for a medium to firm mattress instead. So far so good… except one company’s ‘medium firm’ is another company’s ‘super firm.’ In other words, the terminology also varies between mattress manufacturers and suppliers.

So where does that leave you – the average customer who hasn’t done a degree in mattress science? Well, all you can do is listen to the experts and pick out the advice that’s most relevant to you. 

Choosing the right mattress for back pain

There is no perfect mattress, experts say. That’s because it depends on what you are used to and which rate of firmness you prefer. And anyway, the idea that firm mattresses are best for backs has been ‘knocked on the head’ a bit, following a Canadian report which looked at the correlation between mattress thickness and back pain.

The 2014 industry report looking at studies, such as one involving a group of individuals aged 18 to 60 suffering back pain who were asked to test different types of mattresses. These included a firm mattress, foam mattress and a water bed. The participants were then to report back on how it affected their lower back pain. The results found that, in some cases, a firm mattress actually made their lower back pain worse.

What makes a good mattress 

We humans spend around one third of our lives sleeping so the better our mattress supports us, the better we’ll feel during the day too. Or at least our muscular skeletal system will. And, let’s face it, no-one wants to walk around in pain all day. So, follow these few steps next time you go to buy a mattress:

Make sure you can return the mattress

Many companies these days offer 100 days or months long trial runs. This means they will take the mattress back after a certain time and refund your money if, at that point, you still don’t find it comfortable. So, what are you waiting for?!

Check the mattress supports your sleeping position

We all sleep differently. Some of us are side sleepers, others prefer to lie on their backs while a small percentage of people sleep on their stomach. Others use all three positions. The way you sleep can have an impact on the type of mattress you buy too.

Get a breathable mattress if you’re hot at night

Some people swear by memory foam mattresses for comfort. But, this type of mattress, in particular, can make you feel warmer as you sleep. That’s because you tend to sink into it, preventing air getting between you and the mattress.

So, what does this tell you? That before you go shopping for a new mattress, get a better idea of how you sleep. That way you have more chance of getting the perfect mattress for you.

At Sleep8 we have carried out our own research and development into our customers’ needs. You can find some of those results on our website or consult the staff at any of our stores.

A list of mattresses for back pain to choose from 

S8 Sleep Tech (Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress)

S8 Sleep Tech - Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress works perfectly for spinal alignment and temperature regulation. Designed using only premium fabric cover with stimulating massage pads, that can be removed for washing the Sleep Tech makes it easy to look after. Prevent back pain, stay healthy and rejuvenated with our innovative foam layer shaped to gently stretch the spine. 

All mattresses in our Tech collection feature a unique system of layers, designed to give you the best sleep, night after night. With optimal pressure distribution, spinal alignment, temperature regulation, and the perfect level of support for you, you'll really notice the difference. Enjoy more rejuvenating sleep and relaxed days with a Sleep.8 Tech mattress. Discover which Tech is right for you!

iSense Revive - Adjustable Firmness Mattress

iSense Revive - Adjustable Firmness Mattress is our most Intelligent, breathable foam mattress with dual Comfort Control for custom support. 

The iSense collection delivers the latest in mattress technology, with Comfort Control putting you in charge of your own comfort and back support. Using an integrated mobile App, you can adjust the firmness of the mattress core, fine tuning the settings for your unique needs and ensuring you sleep soundly and comfortably with optimal spinal support, especially for all those who suffer from back pain. Thanks to Dual Control, each side of the bed can be individually adjusted, making it a great choice for couples. In addition to customized settings, each iSense mattress has a luxurious feel, made with high quality, innovative materials.

The iSense Relieve is an all foam construction at a luxurious 34cm thick. Made using only premium memory foam with optimal airflow and an additional cooling feature for temperature regulation, this intelligent mattress will give you the best possible conditions for a deeply restful, supportive sleep so you can start each day feeling energised and refreshed. 

The iSense mattress will accompany you as your needs and preferences change and develop through life events such as pregnancy, weight gain or loss, back pain or injury. The iSense Relieve is delivered compressed and rolled for your convenience.

Other benefits for people with back pain - memory foam adapts to your unique body shape, cooling feature for temperature regulation, helping to manage the back pain during the most difficult days.

0-Zone Hybrid 2000 Mattress

0-Zone Hybrid 2000 Mattress is made of high quality memory foam and has 2000 pocket springs to support your back through sleep. Adapting to your body shape this mattress helps all those with the back pain by distributing your body weight evenly. 

The 0-Zone 2000 is an innovative mattress that utilises both foam and pocket spring technologies to support you through peaceful and rejuvenating sleep, night after night. With 2000 independent pocket springs, it perfectly balances your bodyweight, distributing it evenly across the surface of the mattress and ensuring there's no roll-in or sag. Encased in a deep layer of I-Zone foam, you also get the benefit of a soft and supple surface that is responsive and flexible. Experience the sensation of weightlessness with the O-Zone 2000.

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