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How Often Should I Replace a Pillow?

How often should you replace your pillow

Replacing your pillow every couple of years is a good idea for several reasons. Firstly, it lessens the pain that can be caused on your neck and shoulders through your pillow going flat. 

Secondly there are many hygiene reasons why you need to change your pillow, and thirdly, it lessens the chance of your sleep becoming disrupted. Read on and find out more:

Washing your pillows frequently can prolong their life but there is a limit to how long your pillows can support you. Keeping your pillows for longer than 1 or 2 years may affect your health and cause sleep disruptions.

When and how often pillows should be changed

Then are certain indicators that you should pay attention to because these tell you it’s time to change your pillow. These include:

  • Being able to easily fold your pillow in half

  • Waking up with cramped shoulder muscles

  • Having a sore neck every morning on waking

  • Waking up with a sore head during the night

  • Your pillow is either lumpy or flat

  • Your pillow has stains on it

  • You can’t sleep because of a runny nose or breathing difficulties

Pillow Hygiene

It’s important to wash your pillows. Even though you wash your pillow cases regularly along with your bedding, your dead skin, hair and saliva can all seep through to your pillow too. 

These can then accumulate and case a bad smell or mildew and allergens. Actually, our beds present a perfect spot for dust mites in particular to grow since they are warm and humid. Allergens can lead to a runny nose, itching and poor sleep if it continues.

Pain prevention

As well as giving your head a soft place to rest, your pillow also works at keeping your spine straight during the night – provided it is positioned well and at the right height for your body. A pillow that flattens over time (as all do) isn’t going to prove supportive enough, resulting in neck, shoulder and possibly back pain.

Pillow maintenance

Wash your pillows every four to six months. This is easier if you can just pop them in the machine and many pillows can be washed this way these days, especially if they have synthetic or down stuffing. Wash pillows separately from other clothing and do them two at a time.

Pillows can usually be dried in a tumble dryer at a low setting. They can also be air dried outside. Before you put them back into a pillow case make sure they are completely dry to prevent moisture build-up.

Pillow stuffing and need for changing pillows

Pillows produced using synthetic down alternative or polyester stuffing are hypoallergenic and last anything from six months to two years. These are the most common type of pillow due to the fact they are a lot less expensive than other alternatives on the market.

Down pillows are beautifully soft and warm. These can last from one to three years depending on how you look after them. Both memory foam and latex pillows can last from three to four years.

Get other practical sleeping tips in our bedding and sleep advice blog or consult the knowledgeable staff at any of our stores. 

Considering changing now? Use our recommended pillows

S8 Pillow Protect-a-bed

S8 Pillow Protect-a-bed has been designed to deliver versatility and comfort. Ability to adjust the height and firmness of your pillow with the valve design makes this pillow highly desirable among all types of sleepers. Fitted with hypoallergenic material to provide you with a peaceful night's rest. Reasonably priced, this pillow is a quick and effective replacement for your old one. 

The pillow comes in 50х70х18 cm size, flexible hardness, microfiber fill, and removable cover for longer lifetime. 

S8 Pillow Golden Goose

S8 Pillow Golden Goose - a perfect option to keep you warm and comfortable in winter. Filled with luxurious responsibly sourced goose down, that helps with maintaining heat while providing support for your head and neck. 

This pillow comes in 50x70x16сm size, medium hardness, and a firm 100% high quality cotton for longer durability.  

S8 Pillow Immuno

We madeS8 Pillow Immuno to rejuvenate you and your sleep. Our Gel particle technology helps to achieve a cooling effect, which is very helpful during warmer months. The pillow also promotes deep sleep for an improved immune system. If you are changing a pillow with a memory foam, this product is right for you. It is available in three sizes (S 37х60х11 cm, M 37х60х12 cm, and L 37х60х14 cm), Medium hardness and a removable cover for longer durability. 

S8 Body Pillow

The S8 Body Pillow is a durable pillow designed to improve your sleep whatever your sleeping habits are. Made with side sleepers in mind this product brings extra help with regulating your breathing and aligning your sleeping position. 

Why consider this pillow? Embracing the Body Pillow can help to calm your mind and your nervous system. Regulate your breath and relax with the Body Pillow and you'll soon be sleeping soundly. 

Other benefits include: perfect shape for embracing as you sleep, and ease of use. The S8 Body Pillow comes in 130х35х18 cm size, flexible hardness, and polyester fiberfill designed to last longer. 

S8 Pillow Smart 3.0 Axis

S8 Pillow Smart 3.0 Axis maximizes your comfort during sleep and helps with body recovery. This pillow comes with eco-friendly memory foam with cooling gel technology. With Smart 3.0 AxisPillow  you can monitor your sleep patterns using the Sleepace app.

The future of sleep has arrived - with our Axis Smart Pillow you can experience truly individual comfort specifically tailored to you. Built-in precision sensor that monitors and analyses your sleep patterns will help you to understand how you sleep and find the right adjustments. Just use the Sleepace App to see it in action. One side of the reversible cover features a breathable jersey with Envi-max technology, regulating moisture and increasing airflow, while the other is made using Outlast, a thermoregulating material that absorbs and, if necessary, radiates heat.

The Axis Smart Pillow's interior layers work hard to ensure you that can rest easy: Eco-friendly foam memory granules with cooling gel promote healthy air flow and neutralize electromagnetic waves; latex granules support correct positioning of the head and neck; active polyester granules provide volume and shape retention, preventing the pillow from bunching; and a 3D mesh perimeter further provides sufficient air circulation. Optimum comfort for side sleepers is guaranteed. Suitable for allergies. 

Available in three sizes: 50х70х12 cm, 50х70х17 cm, and 50х70х20 cm this pillow has medium hardness and comes with multiple layers. The Axis Smart is an extremely durable pillow. Read our product care instructions for a longer lasting lifetime.

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