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It’s GIVEAWAY time + this month we’ve collaborated with Peace of me London.

This month, we are hosting a giveaway event in collaboration with Peace of me London  lovely handmade Fragrances + Gift Boxes! The lucky winner will receive a luxurious collection of products that have been designed for deep relaxation and pampering.

All you have to do is sign up over to our Instagram pages,

  1. Make sure you are following @peaceofmelondon + @sleep.8uk
  2. Tag as many friends as you wish in separate comments (it must be a different person each time!)
  3. Share the post to your story and tag @peaceofmelondon + @sleep.8uk

Enter for the chance to win a gift, worth 117,95£

Sleep.8 - S8 Power Eyes Massager


Our GQ best of the week massager, relieves puffiness, dark circles and pain from eye strain. Blood circulation around your eyes is promoted by the gentle massaging motions. There is also a luxurious warming feature that sends you into deep relaxation.


Twilight 20cl CandleBlueberry + Vanilla 20cl Candle

With approx. 20 hours burn time, you can relax and enjoy the sweet tones of blueberry and vanilla or enjoy the refreshing, floral scent of a twilight -a beautiful blend of lily, ylang-ylang and jasmine. Snap Bars are the perfect scent for any time of the day and season, whether you are in the mood of the spring with or Strawberries + Cream Snap Bar or in joyful memories with our Birthday Cake Snap Bar.

The winner will be announced at the end of May!

Do not forget to share :)

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