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"The Ergomotion 450 is an adjustable bed base that allows you to raise or lower the headboard and leg areas as needed, making it ideal for acommodating lumbar issues or for resting tired legs. It also features a massage function that promotes stress relief and better sleep."

Features and Benefits: - Advanced adjustable base

  • Basic adjustable base - Effortlessly change positions with the Wireless remote controlSelect from the anti-snore 7 degree angle, TV mode, or even massage function — all this at the touch of a button. Don't leave your bed — live in it.
  • Zero gravity - The Zero Gravity function has its roots in NASA engineering. Based on their Neutral Body Posture, this preset mode aligns the body to the most comfortable position, free from pressure on joints. Enjoy the sense of weightlessness.
  • Elevated legs mode
  • Anti-snore 7 degree angle
  • Massage Function
  • Combinable - For even more individuality, you can also combine two ergomotions into one large bed. For example, two times 90x200 cm to 180x200 cm. Thanks to the high-quality upholstery and stainless steel feet, the Ergomotion can also be used without a bed frame.

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Why Choose Us?

We’re Sleep.8, experts in sleep. We believe that good sleep is the foundation of happy, healthy living, and our dream is that everybody can get their best 8 hours of sleep, every night. Sleep.8 is a part of the Hilding Anders Group, global leaders in mattresses and bedding, with over 160 years of industry experience. With stores in London, Barcelona, and Lisbon, we’re on a mission to have the whole world sleeping soundly.


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S8 Ergo 450

studio couch, running shoe
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studio couch, stretcher
studio couch, scale
studio couch, stretcher
studio couch, cradle
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studio couch, stretcher
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studio couch, scale
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studio couch, stretcher
Ergomotion 450_base_side
Ergomotion 450_linen_main
studio couch, cradle
Ergomotion 450_linen_side
bassinet, sleeping bag, studio couch, cradle
quilt, studio couch, four-poster, sleeping bag
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Adjustable bed with a massage function that helps relieve stress and provides you with a better night's sleep.

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Who we are?

Sleep.8 is a part of the Hilding Anders Group, global leaders in mattresses and bedding. Each Sleep.8 product is crafted with the perfect balance of style and function and produced with care. With stores in London, Barcelona, and Lisbon, we’re on a mission to have the whole world sleeping soundly.

Any position - at the touch of a button

Sharing a bed? Do not compromise on comfort with Tech Butterfly split-top mattress.

We're all creatures of habit, and when it comes to morning and nighttime routines, one person's habits can be vastly different to the next. If you and your partner have completely different sleeping habits, the Tech Butterfly is the ultimate solution. When used in conjunction with two Smart Ergo Beds you can sit up comfortably and enjoy your favourite book while your partner sleeps peacefully by your side. Or, if your partner is partial to catching the morning news over a cup of tea in bed and you prefer a lie in, you'll be able to sleep undisturbed, thanks to the individually adjustable mattresses of the Tech Butterfly Line.


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I met the manager at Blue Water, and I was so impressed with his knowledge of product and clear explanations! The product is truly unique as the only UK provider of tech related products that truly help you sleep better.I have always had sleep related issues and tend to wake up through the night, and I can honestly say the pillow is the best product I've ever invested in. I was a little cautious because of the price point, but it's money very well spent - you use your pillow every day - and my partner and I have agreed we're def going to invest in the bedding as I get really overheated at night and he prefers the bed to be super hot.
Very high quality of all goods! Great pillow and mattrasses!!!!! Reasonable prices! Highly recommend!
Just got the pillow Tech for my child and I really like the way it works - totally adjustable for my baby’s neck and spine. Great job, Sleep8! It’s definitely a MUST HAVE for parents with little kids
S8 Pillow Tech this pillow is just amazing, I can change its height and hardness, it is very important for me as I have neck problems, I recommend it to anyone who has similar problems. It is perfect in size and quality.
I work on computer. During the lockdown period, my eyes began to hurt a lot. The Sleep 8's Eye Massager is a miracle! I am incredibly happy that I bought it, thank you! Now I know what to give to my friends
The neck massager was excellent for relieving tension caused by sedentiary lifestyle. Saw its ad by an instagram blogger and ordered it online. Now I'm using it every evening and the results are better than trying to arrange a usual massage for which I never had any time.
I bought the beauty pillow after research and comparing online. Communication with the team was very good. They were quick to respond, good delivery, well packaged, very good quality product.
I have trouble finding pillows that don't give me neck and shoulder pain (I normally use 2 and sometimes find it strains my neck midway through the night, but haven't found a pillow that is supportive enough to use just one) and after speaking to the Kings Road team they suggested the Tech Pillow which is customisable with several different layers that can be removed.
I bought a double bed from sleep.8 Romford. For a very long time I haven't went into a store and met a team so helpful in helping me choose a bedUnfortunately I had a hiccup and missed a delivery however the operational manager, Mr Abass...
Popped in yesterday with sister as we saw something she liked in the window Olena could not have been more helpful a definate asset to the company, she called the manager Amin to try to help some more...
Very happy this shop thanks so much all staff for help.
Obrigado pela vossa atenção principalmente ao sr César que foi um excelente vendedor .Gostamos mto da cama e colchão que adquirimos na vossa loja recomendo .
I am very happy with my purchase at Sleep.8 !!!Visited the store back in 2020 - Abass (store manager) contacted me over an email adding all the details and quotes regarding my enquiry while I visited the store.
Staff were great especially Musi. He kept us informed all the way to delivery. Even rang after to make sure everything was good.
Great customer service from MustiGreat customer service from Musti. Informed me as soon as my order was ready to be delivered and made sure I was satisfied with my purchase. Good looking bed and the mattress is so comfortable. Will definitely be recommending Sleep8 to anyone looking to change their bed.
Great customer service, very helpful and friendly. Always deal with queries in excellent manner and speed. Will definitely recommend them.
Recebi minha encomenda em tempo recorde! Minhas noites de sono não são mais como antes, tinha muita dificuldade em dormir. Já agora com a almofada alpha minha noites de sono são maravilhosas, graças a Sleep 8 😍
Excellent customer support and relationships. The products are lovely, having a peaceful night rest and sweet sleep.
Absolutely Amazing experience. The manager here is well Knowledgeable about Sleep and Sleep products.the family needed a new set of Beddings with Mattress.
The beauty pillow is amazing, soft and comfy, I love it. The person on the phone was very nice and helpful, thank you very much. Nikolett.
Comfortable bed and the assembly team were brilliant. Delivery was on time! Quick and efficient. With good help from iman and Abby salesman n big smile.
Comfortable bed and the assembly team were brilliant. Delivery was on time! Quick and efficient.
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Based on 22 reviews

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