ErgoBed 450 Black Bed

Adjustable bed with massage function for stress relief and restful sleep



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The ErgoBed 450 is an adjustable bed base that allows you to raise or lower the headboard and leg areas as needed, making it ideal for acommodating lumbar issues or for resting tired legs. It also features a massage function that promotes stress relief and better sleep.

- Wireless remote control;
- anti-snore 7 degree angle;
- TV mode;
- massage function — all this at the touch of a button.;
- Zero gravity – The Zero Gravity function has its roots in NASA engineering. Based on their Neutral Body Posture, this preset mode aligns the body to the most comfortable position, free from pressure on joints. Enjoy the sense of weightlessness;
- Elevated legs mode;
- Anti-snore 7 degree angle;
- Massage Function;


The electrical components of our adjustable bed are manufactured under a number of EMC International standards. These organizations have set the standard of product safety regulations worldwide. Our product is registered with and displays the appropriate certification mark based on each region. Application of the mark signifies compliance with appropriate EMC standards. EMC refers to electromagnetic compatibility.


Some products contain Neodymium MAGNETS which may interfere with devices such as pacemakers, ICD's and any other device sensitive to magnetic fields. It is STRONGLY recommended that owners of such medical devices consult their physician prior to using products that contain Neodymium MAGNETS. It is also possible that some pacemakers may falsely interpret the optional massage feature vibrations as movement/exercise. This is a common occurrence with any product that creates a vibrating movement and may not affect the pacemaker. Please consult your physician before using the massage feature.


Ergomotion adjustable bed bases are designed solely for in-home use. This base was not designed as a hospital bed and is not designed to meet hospital standards. Do not use this base with TENT TYPE oxygen therapy equipment or near explosive gases.

Instruction ErgoBed 450 black

Pacemakers and EMC Ratings


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