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Beds 9 cm

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Low Headboard


Removable covers


In stock

Low Headboard


Removable covers



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What are the advantages of the Sleep8 beds?

Primarily, the advantages of the Sleep8 beds lie in the variety of choices, styles and components, as well as modern and attractive designs that come to life in our in-house interior design studio. Exclusive fabrics made by the world's largest textile manufacturers after our designs have moisture and dirt-repellent properties. We use only high-quality, wear-resistant and hypoallergenic materials that are ecologically friendly and do not emit harmful substances. The bed bases are exceptionally durable, as are held together by powder-coated metal frames, which can withstand considerable loads while the powder coating prevents corrosion, thereby extending the product's service life. In this regard, we offer an extended 10-year warranty on our manufactured beds. Many bed models are equipped with spacious storage drawers for your additional convenience. Moreover, the covers around the perimeter can be removed for washing or replaced with new ones to maintain the original appearance of the bed. We offer a large selection of bed models in all sizes, as well as the possibility of adjusting the size bed size to fit your requirements.

How to select a suitable bed?

  1. Calculate the size of the sleeping area by measuring the place designated for a bed. Furthermore, it should be noted that the size of a bed is always slightly larger than that of a sleeping area. Decide whether the passage towards the bed is going to be from one or both sides. The most comfortable space between the bed and another object/a wall is over 50cm. The more space there is, the easier it will be to lie down on the bed or to get up. If you are planning on purchasing the nightstands, you should consider additional space from both sides of the bed.
  2. Select the material of the bed. Natural wood, upholstery fabrics, metal, wood chipboard etc.
  3. Decide whether storage space is needed.
  4. In case the headboard height is important, decide upon its minimum and maximum height.
  5. The distance between the floor and the base of the bed. If you require space for a robot vacuum to clean underneath the bed, consider selecting a model with high support legs and a narrow base so that the distance between the floor and the bed is approximately 7-10 cm. In most cases, beds with high support legs and a narrow base come without storage drawers.
  6. Choose a bed model that suits your bedroom design, taste and personality. If you like reading in bed or leaning back on the headboard, you should choose a model with an upholstered headboard. However, if you prefer not to cover up the decor on the walls, you can choose a bed without a headboard.
  7. Select material colour
  8. Select a model within your desired price range

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