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About Us

Sleep.8 is a company which found its origins in London. We opened our first store in Lisbon in 2019. In 3 short years, we have already opened 36 stores across 8 European countries, including Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, among others.

Our brand’s mission is to empower shoppers to focus on their own physical and mental wellbeing and get their optimal 8 hours of sleep, every night. Sleep.8’s slogan is ‘Good sleep changes everything’, which echoes our belief that good quality rest is the bedrock for a healthy life, both physically and mentally.

At Sleep.8, we take pride in our stores as innovative, next-level showrooms, built to inspire and encourage interior creativity. Their purpose is to provide our customers with the means to discover, customise and actualise the bedroom of their dreams, so they can sleep their perfect 8 hours every single night. By visiting a Sleep.8 store, you can test our extensive collection of luxe mattresses, cutting edge gadgets, full-body smart massage chairs – and of course, experience our spectacular beds and fabrics in person. 

Our expansion plan foresees the opening of further stores nationally and internationally, marking a new era for the group. In 2023, we plan to open another 50 retail stores across Europe.

With production in Portugal, we operate with cutting-edge technology to realise our range of high-quality products. Our collection includes not only traditional, high-quality mattresses and beds, but also other categories of innovative sleeping products: smart pillows and mattresses; sleep-aid gadgets; adjustable bed bases and more. 

We offer an absolutely unique collection of pillows; around 30 options, each with a specific solution, whether aesthetic or muscular (e.g. reduction of wrinkles and localised pain). 

Most of our collection is patented due to the unique character of our inventions. 

We are pioneers in creating a perfect ecosystem for relaxation and sleep, which is why the collection includes massage chairs, a large number of massagers and devices that enhance relaxation and help you fall asleep.

Sleep.8 went further in our mission to provide you with better sleep and created the first fully digital and personalised program of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia in Portugal (this is now available in both the UK and Spain), called Sleep8Coaching. 94% of patients report they are falling asleep more quickly, staying asleep, and sleeping better. Most reported life changing results and are less dependent on sleeping medication.