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8 Tips for Sleeping in Hot Weather

With many of us in the UK experiencing levels of heat that we are not accustomed to, there are some considerations to take into account to ensure we are looking after ourselves properly. From wearing sunscreen to making an effort to drink plenty of water, heatwaves change the way we think about our day-to-day health. The same is true for our sleep during hot periods, as an increase in temperature can often result in disturbed or lost hours of rest. We at Sleep.8 know that good sleep is the foundation of happy, healthy living, and in this blog post we wanted to share our top tips  to combat the sleep-related difficulties we may face in hotter months. Here are 8 pieces of advice to help you get your best 8 hours when the mercury starts to rise.

1. Air Circulation
The classic summer cooling method, opening windows and cranking up electric fans is an easy way to relieve your temperature. Make the most of these by placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan (at a safe distance), or draping a damp sheet in front of an open window. These will create a cool breeze, making the air circulation an even more effective cooling method.

2. Keep the sunlight out.
Although warm weather brings glorious sunshine that we’re not so used to here in the UK, it’s advisable to keep your bedroom cool by using blackout blinds. This will prevent the room from heating up during the day, ensuring that it is as cool as possible at bedtime.

3.  Consider where you sleep.
If you have the option of multiple rooms you can sleep in, the coolest rooms will be those with easterly-facing windows. Bedrooms on lower floors are beneficial, too, as heat rises and the upper levels of a house will be hotter.

4. Hydration
H2O is key to a good night’s sleep always, but especially in hot weather. Freezing a bottle of water before bed and keeping it on your bedside table is an easy way to have icy cool water on hand throughout the night.

5. Heat up a few hours before bed with a bath or shower.
This one might sound counterintuitive, we know, however according to the National Sleep Foundation: ‘Hot baths are the most beneficial if taken prior to but not immediately before bedtime. Your body temperature will decrease after you leave the bath as your body adapts to the cooler environment. As an added bonus, baths promote feelings of relaxation that can help you fall asleep more quickly.’ 

6. Use the right bedding and fabrics.
When it comes to pyjamas, choose a lighter, breathable fabric like linen or silk with a loose fit. In regards to bedding, it’s a good idea to have a cooling pillow, duvet or mattress that will give you extra help to stay chill all night long. Our cooling bed products use innovative materials, such as Outlast fabric, which was pioneered by NASA to regulate astronauts’ body temperature during space voyages. Cooling gel particles are featured in our Alpha Pillow and S8 Tech Mattress too, helping your bed feel cool and refreshing all night long.

7. Pulse points
One of the quickest ways to cool down when you feel overheated is to run cold water or place an ice pack on pulse points such as your wrists and feet. This will cool your core body temperature when the heat gets to be too much.

8. Limit consumption of alcohol and food before bedtime.
Our appetites tend to shrink when we are in hotter climes than normal, and eating smaller meals means that our body does not have to work so hard digesting food. Food and alcohol before bed mean your body will be exerting itself through the night. This can cause temperature irregularities, so be sure to limit yourself a few hours before you plan to sleep.