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4 tips to relax on vacation at home

When you think ‘time off’, where does your mind go? Perhaps a beach holiday or a city break, but when was the last time you actually took time off to relax at home; no plans, no stress, just some me-time? 

We’re all guilty of thinking time away from our day to day routines has to mean jetting off on holiday or rushing around to make them feel ‘worthwhile’. In fact, a recent study found that of all participants who said they would book a break from work right now, almost half said they would enjoy simply relaxing in their garden. Not packing their bags for holiday, not visiting friends and family, just relaxing. So what’s stopping us? 

Between working from home, the fear of missing out and the worry that your time off should be spent travelling the world, how do you enjoy a relaxing vacation from your own home? Here are Sleep.8’s top tips to unwind on your summer annual leave and beyond… 

#1 – Rediscover your hobbies 

Use this time to find what makes you, you. 

Are you a foodie? Spend time cooking and creating new recipes or ordering your favourite foods to be delivered to your door. Are you someone who loves to rest? Take your time to run a hot bath, unwind in your new bedding with some sleep and relaxation devices (more on that in this article…), and breathe. 

You don’t need to discover something new, either. Have a hobby you’ve put on the backburner months ago? This is your time to rediscover why you picked it up in the first place. 

#2 – Master meditation

An age-old method to unwind, meditation is a great way to relax from home that often requires nothing but you and your mind. 

Never tried it before? One great thing about mediation is how many forms it can take… So whatever results you’re looking for, there’s likely a form to match.

From positive reaffirmations to breathing exercises, you can even practise your meditation skills using technology. Apps such as Headspace or Calm offer a number of free resources to help you unwind, often offering free trials to get you started. If you’re looking to truly kick-back and relax, Sleep.8’s gadgets are designed to help you drift off and feel your most rested self – but more on that later! 

In order to feel your most relaxed self, you need to ensure your surroundings are as calming as possible too. 

Light, sound and scent are simple tools to create a peaceful atmosphere in any room – and the Sleep.8 Home Aroma Diffuser combines all three to help you relax naturally. With solid scent cartridges using natural ingredients including lavender, jasmine and orange, the diffuser uses aromatherapy, light therapy, and gentle sounds to help you unwind. 

#3 – Create a ‘no phone zone’ 

As great as it is to have everything you need in the palm of your hand, it’s easy to get carried away and spend entire days glued to your phone screen. So start as you mean to go on, and ban them unless they’re for mindfulness reasons! 

By distracting yourself with some of the above ideas you can give your mind a rest from 10-second videos and work emails. Whether you go on a full day ban or just set an hour or two aside per day to not stare at your screen, a little goes a long way. 

A simple way to make sure you stick to this is by thinking ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

If you can’t see your phone, you don’t need to check it. Remove any temptation to check social media, work emails, or allow yourself to be distracted. 

#4 – Making the most of relaxing time with gadgets

Just because you’re trying to relax doesn’t mean all forms of technology need to be banned – in fact, why not take this time to embrace some that is specifically designed for unwinding? 

Go the extra mile to discover ways to enjoy a relaxing staycation at home with Sleep.8’s home aroma diffusers and massagers, created to help you fall asleep quickly and wake up rested, without taking up space. 

If you’re going without your phone, why not use this time to help your body reset from the strain of screens and blue light headaches? The Sleep.8 Power Eyes massager gives your eyes rest and relief by gently massaging with a warming vibration effect. The results? Improved blood circulation around your eyes and sinuses and deep relaxation. If you fancy going the extra mile, level-up with a massage chair, a new class of relaxation that you can use time and time again to unwind.

Ready to Relax?

Feeling ready to put your feet up? You’ve earned it. 

Unwinding and relaxing can be easily achieved with what you already have at home, but where you need that additional layer, you can turn to gadgets for your targeted needs. From home aromatherapy to targeted face, neck or head massagers, we provide tech to match all needs and a range of budgetary requirements.

Our mission is to empower everyone to focus on their own wellbeing and get their optimal 8 hours of sleep, every night – so browse our website, speak to our team, and enjoy your rest.