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3 Popular Bed Frame Styles, and Which One is Right for You by Sleep.8 UK

3 Popular Bed Frame Styles, and Which One is Right for You

With so many different bed styles available on the market, from sustainable and industrial to luxurious and elegant features – who doesn’t love that a TV that rises your feet? – it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choices. Let’s get back to basics and take a look at the most popular and classic bed frame styles available. 

Deciding on a bed frame shouldn’t be complicated. In fact, it should fit easily within your whole bedroom design idea. You could have your bed frame drawing the main focal attention of the room, or artfully blended with your furniture. Perhaps a timeless bed frame could be a good move if you and your partner can’t decide on one style, blending perfectly with multiple furniture styles. 

Let’s look at these 3 popular bed frames: 

#1 – Statement Bed Frame Style 

A chic bed style is a bed frame that has standout features, bold colours or daring architecture. It will be the showstopper of your bedroom. In the past, only the wealthy could afford those bed styles, an overt demonstration of their wealth to their guests. Fortunately, that’s not so much the case nowadays! This bed style is accessible to all and can fit in most rooms. 

The core characteristics of a chic bed frame are the stuffed headboards, bold curves or heavy features, with luxurious fabrics (such as velvet and faux suede). You’ll find these sometimes in bright or pastel colours with highlights, or crisp and plain white. 

>>> When to choose this style? 

Ideal for wide rooms, a big headboard or base could need some extra space. Statement headboards are great for rooms with already bold features, such as colourful wallpapers or original wall decorations, or simply if you want the bed to be the central focal point of your room. 

#2 – Minimalist Bed Frame Style 

A minimalist bed frame is a very simple frame, with low-key features – a contrast to the statement bed frame. In fact, a minimalist style in general aims to blend in with its architecture. Secondly, this style prioritises harmony, removing any visual disruption within the room. 

The core characteristics of a minimalist bed frame are few-to-no patterns overall, a simplistic design and a low headboard. Fabric tends to be textile or weave fabric with neutral colours. 

>>> When to choose this style? 

Ideal for smaller rooms or those in need of maximum space in their bedrooms. It’s also a great option for those who want to limit the amount of furniture in their bedroom or lean towards subtle features. A fantastic choice for maintaining harmony or blending in with the whole room style. 

#3 – Contemporary Bed Frame Style 

A contemporary bed frame is a blend between simple features with one or two stand out elements. It could be a bright colour against a sleek headboard or a curved base with a neutral colour. By definition, contemporary design involves the trends of the here-and-now, so a good option for those who like their home to keep up with the latest fashion. It’s also the most customisable type of bed frame on the market; making it a great way to find something both you and your partner will love. 

The core characteristics of a contemporary bed frame are low headboard with simple patterns (for example lines or squares) with one or two elements that stand out, such as mismatching colours or technology features – like a TV in the footboard. Most commonly used materials include chamois or faux suede fabrics in neutral or bright colours. 

>>> When to choose this style? 

What’s great about this style is that it fits most rooms with any kind of decor. Your room could have an eclectic design, and this bed would fit in. If you’re having a hard time deciding on what style you want, opt for the contemporary style. 

Which would you go for? 

With so many styles on the market, it is always a good idea to take a look at your room, question what atmosphere or design you are going for, taking into account any possible changes in the future like redecorating. 
You could ask yourself the following questions to help you make a better decision: 

  • Will you need to preserve as much space as possible in your room? 
  • Is your bed the most important design piece in your room? 
  • Do you go for a purist style or subtle approach? 
  • Do you need a high or low headboard with your base? 
  • Are the fabric and colour important elements to you and your partner? 
  • Do you find yourself cleaning your bed frame often? If not, avoid any type of fabric or colours that might need regular maintenance. 
    In fact, at Sleep.8 UK we have a specific type of fabric called Casanova which easily wipes clean from tough spills like red wine, coffee, pen ink 

We hope this article helped you in your decision-making process in terms of buying a new bed frame. Some online shops will even help you with sending across samples of fabric they offer to give you an accurate idea.